CTIA: Palm Pre walkthrough

April 5, 2009

During CTIA I visited the Sprint VIP lounge and I recorded this exclusive 45-minute video walkthrough of the Palm Pre! I also snapped a bunch of pictures

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Tasty bits – 35 (holidays edition)

January 7, 2008

Happy new year :)

Here’s last month’s tasty bits, a little behind once again! I’ve decided to stop numbering the column hereafter…

JKK added HSDPA to the Asus 701 (Eee) – I’m working on a similar mod using a Sierra Wireless AirCard 875U HSDPA modem…

Also I’ve started using Qik to stream live video with my Nokia N95!

I’m keeping an eye on all the CES madness this week and I’ll be at Macworld next week, so stay tuned :)

Asus 701 (Eee):
- WiMax-Enabled Asus Eee PC Confirmed
- How to add internal 3G HSDPA to Asus Eee PC
- How to add touch panel to Asus Eee Pc
- It’s official: upgrading the Asus Eee PC memory keeps warranty intact
- eeeXubuntu: Ubuntu distilled for your Eee
- Ubuntu on the Asus Eee PC: Part 1 (or How to run a functional Ubuntu install off a USB drive)

Nokia N810:
- Nokia N810: unboxing and first impressions
- Canola2 Now Out!

Nokia N95:
- Nokia N95-3 Finally Gets an Update to v 11.2.009
- The N95 classic hits v20 firmware
- The N95′s camera quality? It just got better…
- Hands-on with the Nokia N95 8GB for North America!

Nokia N82:
- Nokia N82: impressions after a week…
- Nokia N82 hands-on
- Nokia N82 preview: First look
- Nokia N95, N95 8 GB and N82: The evolution of the multimedia computer

More Nokia:
- Cellphones: Alleged Nokia N96 Spy Shots Look Yummypianoblacklicious
- New Slider: Nokia’s Patent Reveals Innovative Six- or Eight- Megapixel Slider Phone
- Video streaming from your phone QIK-ly, as in: instantly
- All About N-Gage – Totally CONFIRMED Star Wars N-Gage Video
- emTube – YouTube client for S60 phones
- Nokia Internet Radio
- Clarification: Upcoming Nokia IS a QWERTY Nseries

Apple iPhone:
- Breaking: iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 Video and Evidence Confirms Update Is Real, Breaks Unlock, Third-Party Apps
- How to Install Applications on iPhone 1.1.2 (Video Tutorial)
- Syphon lets you save iPhone text messages
- Control Pro Tools with your iPhone
- Apple doesn’t give us MMS on the iPhone, so the community does
- iPhone gets video recording capabilities
- Not all is lost: partfoundry developing GPS module for iPhone
- Fixing YouTube on your Jailbroken iPhone
- Mobile Safari plug-in downloads files to your iPhone/iPod touch
- Apple relents, sanctions custom ringtones!

OQO Model 02:
- OQO Announces model e2 with Built-In HSDPA Mobile Broadband Capability
- OQO does WiMax and 64GB SSDs

Neonode N2:
- Neonode N2 officially coming to the US
- Review of the unique Neonode N2 multimedia phone

BlackBerry 9000 (aka. BlackBerry 8xxx):
- BlackBerry 9000 specs revealed, our early Christmas present to you
- BlackBerry 8xxx hails from Rogers!
- BlackBerry 9000 series spy shot revealed?

- Hands-on with the Samsung G800
- Hands-on with the Samsung P520 Armani
- Samsung’s P720, F490 make their video debut

- Google Maps for Mobiles shows your location, even without GPS
- Verizon Wireless will open network for non-Verizon devices, services
- Photo of the Sony Ericsson P5i Leaked
- Wibrain’s B1 UMPC gets showcased on video – Engadget
- Hands-on with the LG KU990 Viewty
- A teaser shot of Motorola’s 5 megapixel multimedia maven?

Tasty bits – 33 34 (Thanksgiving edition)

November 25, 2007

Here’s a “special” Thankgiving double edition of tasty bits for this past month…

1) Let’s start with mod-friendly Asus 701 (Eee) coverage:
- Ars Technica review with some hacking tips
- Notebook Review tweak guide
- Forbes background story
- Uneasy Silence article on running OS X

I tried following this article and running OS X on my Eee but the installation keeps hanging along the way – to be further investigated.

2) The Nokia N82 was announced and released (!) recently (instead of announcing now and releasing 6 months later, for a change):
- Additional info
- Unboxing video
- Multi-part review

The N82 appears similar in features to the N95 albeit in a candybar form factor with a smaller (2.4″) screen and a better (Xenon) flash. Sadly, there’s no HSDPA support for North America.

3) The Nokia N95 is still getting plenty of attention:
- US version review
- Screen auto-rotation application
- Original vs. 8 GB pros and cons
- 8GB vs. Apple iPhone comparison

4) Apple released an iPhone update (1.1.2) and the community soon responded with another jailbreak. Here’s more iPhone coverage:
- Send files directly from iPhone to another (1.1.1)
- Instant Jailbreak for iPhone and iPod touch (1.1.1)
- Stream Music from your iPhone to iTunes with Firefly (1.1.1)
- AFP for iPhone and iPod touch
- iRadio Brings Streaming Radio to iPhone
- iTunes 7.5 and iPhone 1.1.2 return custom ringtones
- T-Mobile to offer Germans unlocked iPhones

5) Finally, here’s more interesting assorted info:
- LG’s KU990 “Viewty” now available in Europe
- Neonode N2 makes its FCC debut
- Samsung F700 comes knockin’?
- Meizu’s M8 MiniOne gets touched
- All the Android coverage you want is at Engadget right now
- OQO product announcement Dec. 3rd in London
- Apple Tablet “confirmed” by Asus?
- New 13-inch MacBook rumored to be announced at MacWorld
- Nokia shows off Haptikos tactile touch screen technology
- Evolving S60: Touch UI, Sensor Framework and Accelerator Toolkit
- From S60 to iPhone

Tasty bits – 24

July 27, 2007

In this video, Steve Litchfield compares Apple’s iPhone with Nokia’s E61i and Sony Ericsson’s W950. His review of the iPhone is quite interesting. Other than the missing 3G support and limited camera hardware, I think the iPhone is only restricted in features by its current software implementation – there’s a lot Apple can (and hopefully will) do to remedy this. I also think that the OS X core of the iPhone is superior to Symbian (and will soon challenge it).

Oh, and Kevin Tofel caved in and picked up an iPhone,and Robert Scoble is dropping the Nokia N95 for the iPhone – hehe :)

Speaking of touch-based devices, Neonode’s sexy N2 got unboxed, and Meizu’s M8 (miniOne) got specified. Is Samsung ‘s P520 the answer to LG’s KE850 (Prada) phone?

Sony Ericsson’s flagship P1i is out and about! Here’s an unboxing and a review. Also, here’s a review of Sony Ericsson’s 5 megapixel K850i…

BTW, the iPhone hacking continues:
- Partial unlocking
- “Hello world”
- Custom backgrounds
- SSH access
- WiFi tethering
- Apache, Python, etc…

And finally, here’s a great Nokia E90 blog!

Tasty bits – 23

July 17, 2007

T-Mobile recently launched HotSpot@Home, a UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) service with seamless hand-off between GSM and WiFi – unfortunately it requires special phones and routers…

Nokia released new firmware for the N95 which includes support for AGPS (to enhance the existing integrated GPS). Also, here’s an aftermarket high-capacity battery (and cover) for the N95!

Here’s a couple of new 5 megapixel camera phones: the Samsung G600 and the LG KU990, a touch-based device with a 3″ screen and HSDPA.

The Neonode N2 is almost ready for release, albeit without EDGE… The Meizu M8 (miniOne) is supposed to be launching in 2008 – $989 for the 16 GB version!

And now for the obligatory iPhone coverage:
- Another Apple iPhone vs. LG KE850 (Prada) comparison
- Enter field test mode
- Setup custom ring tones
- Looking for music to stream? Here you go! (and BTW, this is not supported on the N95)

And finally, if you don’t think the iPhone changes everything, think again:

They are bringing millions of newbies, and not kicking and screaming, into the smartphone age.

Yes, James Kendrick gets it.

Neonode N1m first impressions

April 16, 2007

It’s been almost a month since I unboxed my Neonode N1m, but then my Nokia N95 came along and stole the show :)

Nonetheless, I’ve been playing with my N1m on and off, and I’m very impressed! It’s definitely a best kept secret device – Neonode’s touch-based user interface with gesture recognition (also featured on the upcoming N2) is extremely intuitive…

The phone even offers tactile feedback through the vibration feature when using the touch screen! Hmmm, I wonder if the iPhone works like that… Are you paying attention, Apple?

- Great touch-based user interface
- Fast operation
- Smartphone (Neno over Windows CE 5.0 .NET)
- Well made device
- Very small and light
- Good battery life
- Good music player (but no AAC support)
- Good HTML web browser
- Good GPRS performance
- Decent phone reception and audio quality
- USB mass storage device when powered off (with standard connector)
- USB charger

- Dim, scratch-sensitive screen
- So-so camera (1 megapixel)
- No Bluetooth
- No email client by default (but here’s one available for download)
- No speakerphone?
- No iSync support (but ActiveSync support)
- No Java support
- Tri-band GPRS only

Not much to report

February 21, 2007

Well, it’s been a quiet week… If you’re interested in the Nokia E90, you’re supposed to ask questions! Otherwise, enjoy a bit of humor :)

Update: How about a hands-on with the fascinating Neonode N2?


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