Palm Pixi Plus camera

March 22, 2010

Short version. The Palm Pixi Plus camera is crap!

Long version. The Pixi Plus offers significant value with significant compromise. While the software is elegant and intuitive, the hardware is cheap and slow. Ditto the camera…

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Pictures taken with the Nokia N81 8GB

April 29, 2008

I’ve already covered the pros and cons of the Nokia N81 8GB as a music phone. But what about its camera?

Like the other 2 megapixel N-series devices I’ve tested, the camera in the N81 8 GB features an LED flash, but no auto-focus or macro.

It takes similar pictures to the Nokia N75, but suffers somewhat from the green tint problem I experienced with the Nokia N76.

Compare the picture above with this one which I snapped at the same time with my Nokia N95-3 – note the difference in color balance…

In the world of 2 megapixel cameras without auto-focus or macro, the Blackberry Curve (and to some extent the iPhone, despite lacking an LED flash) takes better pictures than the N81 8GB.

Hopefully, Nokia can address this with future firmware!

Pictures taken with the Nokia N76

February 9, 2008

The camera in the Nokia N76 is similar in performance to other current 2 megapixel devices, like the Nokia N75, the Apple iPhone, and the BlackBerry 8320 (Curve).

But as I mentioned before, there appears to be a green tint problem with the camera. Perhaps it’s a firmware problem? The (CMOS) sensor is noisy in low light, but this is somewhat alleviated by the LED flash.

Ultimately, the N76 takes adequate pictures for a device without auto-focus or macro.

Nokia N76 hotness

February 2, 2008

What’s all red (or black) and chrome, thin, and sprinkled with Symbian goodness? Well it’s the sexy Nokia N76 of course :)

Thanks to Nseries WOM Word, I was able to use the N76 as my primary phone for a few weeks and gather a bunch of pictures, a couple videos (one & two), and some thoughs…

Since the N76 was released several months ago, there is plenty of information available online already, but here are my observations.

- Thin and sexy N-series device
- Standard 3.5 mm audio connector (with TV output)
- Standard mini-USB connector
- Nice internal screen

- No WiFi or US-compatible 3G
- No GPS
- So-so camera performance (compared to other 2 megapixel N-series devices – probably a firmware issue – more on this soon)
- Poor build quality (chrome paint flaking off on this well-used demo unit)

I think the N76 is a better choice than the N75 (which I reviewed last year) because it’s thinner, sexier, and features standard connectors. Sure, the N75 adds US-compatible 3G, but it’s only UMTS, and EDGE on the N76 is almost as fast!

There are a couple of areas where the N76 suffers from form over function. The lid cannot be fully opened when a cable is inserted in either the audio or USB connectors. The mirror-like external screen is too dim when viewed in direct sunlight.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time with the N76 despite it being a clamshell phone (which is my least favorite form factor). It’s a very attractive N-series device which obliterates the Motorola RAZR and the like (after which it’s clearly modeled) in terms of features.

BlackBerry Curve camera

October 5, 2007

Here are some pictures taken with my WiFi-enabled BlackBerry 8320 (Curve)

Quality is reasonable, and in line with other current 2 megapixel devices like the iPhone and the Nokia N75.

On the positive side, the camera is equipped with an LED flash and a digital zoom. On the negative side, it is missing two important features: auto-focus and macro!

That being said, over the past few days I’ve really learned to appreciate the Curve – it’s a well designed phone (both hardware and software) with a well balanced set of features.

Pictures taken with the Apple iPhone

July 8, 2007

Well, the iPhone camera takes reasonable pictures – in fact it takes similar pictures to other current 2 megapixel devices like the Nokia N75

But without auto-focus, macro, flash, or even digital zoom, it’s not going to replace my Nokia N95!

Nokia N75 camera

June 15, 2007

As I mentioned in my video review, the Nokia N75 camera takes decent pictures, but suffers from the lack of auto-focus and macro, as well as a noisy (CMOS) sensor…

When compared to other 2 megapixel devices, the Sony Ericsson W800i takes nicer pictures despite having been released 2 years ago!

What do you think?

Tasty bits – 21

June 9, 2007

One interesting bit of news this past week was the release of the HTC Touch… This touch-based device improves upon the standard Windows Mobile interface with gesture recognition and a more attractive layout – it’s no iPhone, but it reminds me of the Neonode N1m, and that’s a good thing!

Robert Scoble is now a Nokia N95 convert – then again, who can resist such a converged and convenient device? Welcome to the club :)

Here is a review of the sexy Nokia N76, soon to be available from Nokia USA, along with the N75.

The Sony Ericsson P1i was approved by the FCC, and reviewed not once but twice, in addition to this video preview

Say that like me, you are both a Nokia Symbian smartphone user and a Mac user. Are you looking for more than iSync integration? How about iTunes and iPhoto integration? Well, say ‘hello” to the Nokia Media Transfer!

Finally, here is a detailed multi-part review of the OQO Model 02 – and speaking of handtops, the Raon Digital Everun looks very promising.

Nokia N75 video review

May 29, 2007

Here it is! My first video review…

In this video (part 1 above, part 2 & part 3 below) I’m reviewing the Nokia N75 from the perspective of an experienced Nokia N-series user.

Enjoy :)

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Tasty bits – 20

May 29, 2007

Apple iPhone news:
- Check out Steve Litchfield’s “iPhone rant” starting at 5:13 in this video. It’s spot on :)
- The iPhone, now FCC approved!
- The iPhone + prepaid users = love? I hope so.
- Google is supposedly working on additional iPhone applications

Nokia E90 news:
- Here are an unboxing and a “hands on”
- The E90 multi-part review continues, followed by a one-day review

Nokia N75 news:
- Here are a practical review and a (slightly more) formal review

Nokia N95 news:
- A camera bug? Nah :)

OQO Model 02 news:
- Don’t miss this great video review

LG KE850 (Prada) news:
- Here are a review and an article about the differences between the KE850 and the iPhone

Sony Ericsson P1i news:
- Enjoy this preview and this video overview!

In other news:
- The mobile Google Maps client now supports GPS
- The Meizu M8 (miniOne) features some cool specs
- How about an interesting comparison between several 3+ megapixel camera phones? Unfortunately, the impressive i-mobile 902 is not included.
- Microsoft is betting on Shift for future touch-based devices


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