Unboxing the Samsung Vibrant, part 1

July 21, 2010

The Samsung Vibrant arrived from T-Mobile yesterday, hot on the heels of its sibling, the Samsung Captivate from AT&T!

That’s two of four Galaxy S devices invading the US market, along with the Fascinate (Verizon), and Epic 4G (Sprint)…

Here is my unboxing video and my first power on video (after the break) – pictures to follow, as always.

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Podcast: Talking with tnkgrl #26

July 20, 2010

It’s time for another podcast (34 min):
- Audio version
- Video version

Once again, Matthew Bennett (Nokia Daily News, US Mobile Industry) joined me while Tony Peric (fone frenzy) edited the video – thanks guys :)

Unfortunately, we ran into some problems with the microphone for the first few minutes, so please excuse the poor sound.

This week we covered our Nokia N8 hands-on, the Apple iPhone 4, the Motorola Droid X, the HTC Aria, and the ongoing Galaxy S tsunami!

Other topics include my first post on Engadget, the Nokia E73 (Mode), the LG Sentio, and the Palm Pre Plus, GSM version, amongst other things…

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Unboxing the Samsung Captivate, part 2

July 16, 2010

You want awesome videos? You have them. You want beautiful pictures? Here you go (slide show).

Yes, it’s a veritable Samsung Captivate unboxing bonanza! Stay tuned for a camera review soon…

Unboxing the Samsung Captivate, part 1

July 15, 2010

So AT&T pushed all the right buttons by hand delivering a Samsung Captivate review unit yesterday!

It’s the first of four Galaxy S devices destined for the US, the others being the Vibrant, Fascinate, and Epic 4G

Check out my unboxing video and read on for my first power on video below – I’ll post some tasty pictures next :)

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Samsung Captivate: one down, three to go

July 13, 2010

The Samsung Captivate is here… Let the Galaxy S tsunami begin!

Expect an unboxing post here soon – in the meantime enjoy this great preview :)

About the Nokia N8

April 28, 2010

Nokia N8

Congratulations, Nokia. The brouhaha surrounding the Nokia N8 is almost as epic as the recent kerfuffle about the iPhone HD (my nomenclature). Fantastic PR Job!

What do you mean that “leak” was not intentional? Oh well, any advertising is good advertising…

So, about the N8. Color me cautiously thrilled. The short of it is that the hardware is spot on (finally), but the verdict is still out on the software (predictably). Or maybe I’m just a sucker for a nice cameraphone :)

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Unboxing the Nokia X6

April 23, 2010

A year and a half ago, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic was launched alongside S60v5. Since then? Crickets…

The N97 was a bust. The N97 mini, albeit competent, was too little too late. Symbian touch was only marginally improved, with the addition of widgets and kinetic scrolling – congrats on catching up!

The N900 was a flash in the pan – Maemo 5 was delicious, but the meal was undercooked.

Enter the Nokia X6, the latest S60v5 phone, and Nokia’s first capacitive touchscreen – finally another device to join the ranks of the awesome Samsung i8910.

Repeat after me: capacitive, capacitive, capacitive, capacitive :)

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Palm Pixi Plus camera

March 22, 2010

Short version. The Palm Pixi Plus camera is crap!

Long version. The Pixi Plus offers significant value with significant compromise. While the software is elegant and intuitive, the hardware is cheap and slow. Ditto the camera…

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Nokia N86 8MP camera

February 17, 2010

There are two ways to look at the Nokia N86 8MP:

1) It’s Nokia’s flagship non-touch media-centric smartphone, the successor to the mighty Nokia N95/N95-3/N95-4, and a proper substitute for the disappointing Nokia N85.

2) It’s Nokia’s flagship cameraphone, the rightful successor to the awesome Nokia N82, now packing an 8 megapixel sensor and a wide angle, variable aperture Carl Zeiss lens.

Maybe it’s a little bit of both?

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Samsung T939 (Behold II) camera

January 31, 2010

It was not long ago that a 5 megapixel camera was the exclusive domain of the high-end cameraphone. Today, almost every smartphone worth its salt includes a 5 megapixel camera!

The Samsung T939 (Behold II) is no exception – it features a 5 megapixel autofocus camera with macro and LED flash. Of course megapixels don’t matter nearly as much as the quality of the lens, sensor, and image processing algorithms used…

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