Kin One and Kin Two camera

July 18, 2010

Kin One sample pictures (slide show):

Kin Two sample pictures (slide show):

After unboxing Kin One and Kin Two and briefly using the ill-fated devices, I switched my attention to the cameras, hoping to find some redemption there. I didn’t!

What I did find was more of the same half-baked recipe – mostly decent hardware hindered by poor software and crappy user experience. More after the break…

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Unboxing the Kin One and Kin Two

May 31, 2010

Last week the friendly folks at Verizon sent me not one, but two review units: the Kin One and Kin Two!

Both devices are made by Sharp and run a social networking-centric OS based on the upcoming Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft.

The hardware is of typical modern smartphone fare, with a capacitive touchscreen, a full set of radios and sensors (3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS & accelerometer), and a physical landscape slider keyboard…

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SF AppShow

April 26, 2010

This week I’m attending the SF AppShow

- What: The SF AppShow discovers and breaks some of the hottest apps
– When: 7 PM, Tuesday April 27, 2010 (doors at 5:30 PM)
– Where: 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco
– Who: Mobile developers, bloggers, and friends

My readers get a 50% discount. See you there!

Podcast: Talking with tnkgrl #23

March 13, 2010

It’s time for another podcast (28 min):
Audio version
Video version

Matthew Bennett (Nokia Daily News, US Mobile Industry) joined me while Tony Peric (fone frenzy) edited the video :)

This week we discussed Mobile World Congress (Windows Phone 7 Series & Meego), the Apple iPad, the Motorola Devour, and the LG BL40!

Other topics include the Google Nexus One software update, the Nokia N86 camera, Qik Premium & Skype for Symbian, and the BeagleBoard

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HTC Touch Pro/Fuze review

May 10, 2009

Soon after reaching out to the HTC folks at CTIA, I received an HTC Fuze to review. The HTC Fuze is AT&T’s locked and branded version of the HTC Touch Pro. This is my first review unit from HTC, and hopefully the first of many. Within about an hour of getting the phone, I unlocked and unbranded it into an HTC Touch Pro (sans front-facing camera).

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Podcast: Talking with Matt #9

April 16, 2009

It’s time for another podcast (25 min) with Matthew Bennett:
Audio version
Video version

This week we discussed the trip to CTIA, including the Palm Pre walkthrough, the Nokia N97 demo, the Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD), the Nokia N86, the interview with David Wood, plus a few other things (such as my HTC Touch Pro review unit)…

If things don’t make sense at one point (around 3:56), it’s because I ended up editing out a short section where the mic stopped working!

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Life with the BlackBerry Storm

February 22, 2009

I only have 2 words to describe my 3 weeks with the BlackBerry 9530 (Storm): epic fail! From the day the Storm was announced it was clear to me that some nasty weather was heading this way from Canada. Hold this thought as a segue for moment.

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Thoughts on Nseries

December 13, 2008

Nokia Nseries

Dear Nokia,

Congratulations on the N97! It’s a very exciting product, but great devices alone don’t make you a leader.

So what is really needed for the Nseries brand to succeed? Here are my thoughts…

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The iPhone SDK was worth the wait

March 6, 2008

iPhone software roadmap

Oh yeah, it was definitely worth the wait. The iPhone SDK is here and is even more exciting than I expected :)

Here’s a quick summary:
– iPhone SDK and emulator available now (beta)
– Intel-based Mac required
– Microsoft Exchange/ActiveSync support coming (oh hello there, RIM)
– IM client coming
– Sega games coming (Super Monkey Ball)
– EA games coming (Spore)
– Apps available on iTunes App Store (both on iPhone and Mac/PC)
– Developer fee of $99 to publish in iTunes App Store (includes support)
– Developer sets price (paid or free)
– Developer keeps 70% of profits
– Firmware 2.0 required to use iTune App Store (available in June)
– iFund: $100 Million Dollars VC fund for iPhone software startups

For more information check out this play-by-play and this other summary

So, I’m very excited about the iPhone SDK and I’m going to play with it ASAP! I think it’s another major wakeup call for RIM, Nokia, Google/OHA and Microsoft.

What do you think?

Mobile World Congress (3GSM) roundup

February 28, 2008

I survived another GDC, and the Mobile World Congress (3GSM) ended almost 2 weeks ago (already!), so here’s a roundup of what was interesting and exciting to me in Barcelona this year…

1) Nokia

N96, successor to the N95 with 16 GB of internal storage and micro-SDHC, DVB-H tuner, but without xenon flash or lens cover:
The Nokia N96 redefines “high-end”
Hands-on with Nokia’s high-rolling N96
The Nokia N96 Super Cellphone is Official: Gallery and Specs Here
Nokia N96 Hands-On: Basically a Video Oriented N95
The Nokia N96 is now official – the new Flagship
Nokia N96 gallery
Nokia N96 Video Preview
Nokia Announces N96; Fun While it Lasts
Hands On With The N96

N78, slim successor to the N73 with FM transmitter, HSDPA, WiFi, and GPS, but only a 3.2 megapixel Zeiss AF camera without xenon flash or lens cover:
The Nokia N78, in European and North American flavors
N78 Comes Loaded with Wi-Fi, HSPDA, GPS, Touch Surfaces, Tricorder
Nokia N78 – The New Candybar Nseries Device
Nokia N78 gallery
Hands On With The N78

6220 Classic, slim S60 device with a 5 megapixel Zeiss AF camera with xenon flash and lens cover (!), HSDPA and GPS, but no WiFi:
The Nokia 6220 classic, all 5 megapixels of it
Nokia 6220 Classic Takes 5 Megapixel Geotagged Photos, Includes Widgets
Nokia’s 6220 Classic – The Dark Horse
Nokia 6220 Classic gallery

S60 touch demo:
Nokia’s S60 touch UI gets demoed at MWC
Nokia’s Touch UI Hands-On: Officially Way Behind Apple
Why S60’s Touch demo DIDN’T suck…
Video: S60 Touch UI Demo From MWC

2) Sony Ericsson

Xperia X1, slim Windows Mobile 6.1 (!) device designed by HTC, with touch screen, sliding QWERTY keyboard, HSUPA, WiFi, and GPS, but only a 3.2 megapixel AF camera without xenon flash or lens cover – definitely awesome:
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 does a good job looking pretty at launch event
Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X1 QWERTY with Windows Mobile and HSUPA
First live photo of Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X1
Video: Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X1 “Panel Interface”
No wonder Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X1 is so good: HTC makes it
Hands-on with Sony Ericsson’s world-beating XPERIA X1
XPERIA X1 Hiptop Killer: Sony Ericsson’s First Video Plus Gallery
Video: First Hands On Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X1
Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Runs Windows Mobile 6.1
Breaking news- Sony Ericsson announces Windows Mobile smartphone
HTC has ODM order for Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X1
The unwired looks at the Sony Ericsson XPERIA and the HTC Advantage
Sony Ericsson goes big with the XPERIA X1
New Xperia X1 Pics Leaked; Windows Mobile 6.1 and More!

G900, a UIQ device with touch screen, WiFi, but only 3.2 megapixel AF camera without xenon flash or lens cover, and no HSDPA, or GPS:
Sony Ericsson’s G700 and G900: “touchscreen organizers”
Sony Ericsson G900 and G700: Touchscreens to the Masses
Sony Ericsson announce the G700 and G900 UIQ 3 smartphones

C902, a device with HSDPA and a 5 megapixel AF camera with xenon flash and lens cover, but no WiFi, GPS, or smartphone capabilities:
Two for the Cyber-shot crowd: Sony Ericsson intros C702 and C902
Sony Ericsson C902, C702 Bring High-End Photography to Your Pocket

3) Samsung

G810, a Symbian device similar to the Nokia N95, but with xenon flash, lens cover and 3x optical zoom (!) – possibly my next device:
Samsung’s HSDPA-equipped G810 slider gets official
Samsung announces the S60-powered G810
Samsung G810 gallery
Samsung G810 to Butt Heads with Nokia N95

F480, a touch screen device similar to the P520 (armani), with HSDPA and a 5 megapixel AF camera without xenon flash or lens cover, but not WiFi or GPS:
Samsung’s F480 Armani (without the Armani), Dual Touch Chic G400 flip and F400 B&O slider
Hands-On Samsung’s F480 Prada Phone Knockoff (Verdict: I’ll Pass)

4) Others

iRiver phone:
Hands-on with iriver’s 3-inch touchscreen phone

nVidia phone:
NVIDIA shows off APX 2500 cellphone applications processor
nVidia’s GoForce 6100: no, it’s not another iPhone clone


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