Nokia E72 vs. Nokia X6 camera

June 11, 2010

E72 sample pictures (slide show):

X6 sample pictures (slide show):

The Nokia E72 and the Nokia X6 have a lot in common despite being very different devices. They arguably represent the best QWERTY non-touch business phone and best touch media-centric device currently available from the lovely folks in Espoo.

Both are feature-packed, reasonably-priced Symbian smartphones with nice cameras, and follow in the footsteps of good devices with disappointing cameras, namely the Nokia E71 and the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. More after the break…

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About the Nokia N8

April 28, 2010

Nokia N8

Congratulations, Nokia. The brouhaha surrounding the Nokia N8 is almost as epic as the recent kerfuffle about the iPhone HD (my nomenclature). Fantastic PR Job!

What do you mean that “leak” was not intentional? Oh well, any advertising is good advertising…

So, about the N8. Color me cautiously thrilled. The short of it is that the hardware is spot on (finally), but the verdict is still out on the software (predictably). Or maybe I’m just a sucker for a nice cameraphone :)

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The Nokia 5230 (Nuron) is here

April 24, 2010

Hot on heels of the Nokia X6, the friendly folks at T-Mobile USA sent me a Nokia 5230 (Nuron) review unit!

Take the Nokia 5800, remove stuff (WiFi, one speaker, the front-facing camera & the stylus), add AWS (1700 MHz) 3G, and swap the 3 MP Zeiss camera (with autofocus and flash) for a basic 2 MP camera (without autofocus or flash) – that’s the Nuron in a nutshell…

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Unboxing the Nokia X6

April 23, 2010

A year and a half ago, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic was launched alongside S60v5. Since then? Crickets…

The N97 was a bust. The N97 mini, albeit competent, was too little too late. Symbian touch was only marginally improved, with the addition of widgets and kinetic scrolling – congrats on catching up!

The N900 was a flash in the pan – Maemo 5 was delicious, but the meal was undercooked.

Enter the Nokia X6, the latest S60v5 phone, and Nokia’s first capacitive touchscreen – finally another device to join the ranks of the awesome Samsung i8910.

Repeat after me: capacitive, capacitive, capacitive, capacitive :)

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Podcast: Talking with tnkgrl #24 (iPad special)

April 17, 2010

It’s time for another podcast (37 min):
- Audio version
- Video version

Once again, Matthew Bennett (Nokia Daily News, US Mobile Industry) joined me while Tony Peric (fone frenzy) edited the video… Thanks guys!

This week we covered the Apple iPad launch, and 2 relatives of the Nokia 5800, the Nokia 5230 (Nuron), and the Nokia X6.

Other topics include my thoughts and experiences as an iPhone developer, the iPhone OS 4 announcement, and tech nomad Steven Roberts. Enjoy :)

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Nokia N900 first impressions

October 21, 2009

I’ve been using the Nokia N900 since unboxing it 5 days ago, and I’m still blown away!

I wrote “the N900 is brilliant”, and it’s true – I have not been this excited about a Nokia device since the N95, and that was pre iPhone.

For better or for worse, the iPhone changed people’s expectations. Suddenly, having the best hardware was secondary to having the best software, services, and user experience…

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Podcast: Talking with Matt #15

September 21, 2009

It’s time for another podcast (24 min) with Matthew Bennett:
- Audio version
- Video version

This week is full of goodness!

First, we discussed the Nokia N900, the Nokia X6, my Burning Man pictures (taken with the Samsung Memoir and the Nokia N97), the Nokia N97 mini, the Motorola CLIQ, and the HTC Hero (CDMA version)…

Then, check out my rant about the Nokia 7705 (Twist), and the (WiFi-less) Palm Pixi :)

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Nokia X6 and Nokia N97 mini hands on

September 15, 2009

Tonight over dinner with a friend from the Symbian Foundation, I briefly played with the Nokia X6 and the Nokia N97 mini which were recently announced at Nokia World! Here are my first impressions…

- Nokia X6: It’s definitely my favorite of the 2. Finally, a Nokia device with a capacitive touchscreen – woohoo :) The X6 is mega sexy, and thinner than it looks in pictures. The camera appears to be identical to the one in the N97 (i.e. up to my standards). There’s no micro-SD card slot, but the speakers sound fantastic.

- Nokia N97 mini: It’s a lot nicer than I expected, especially the metal battery cover and laser-etched Nokia logo. The N97 mini is visibly smaller than the N97, but feels like more of a premium phone. The firmware features kinetic scrolling throughout, a welcome addition. Overall, the name tells most of the story.

I’ll be reviewing all this tasty Nokia goodness soon enough… But in the meantime, check out my pictures!


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