Unboxing the Apple iPhone

Wow! The iPhone, the most anticipated device ever, is here… And I have one :) Take a look at the pictures.

As planned, I tried both my existing AT&T SIM (450 Rollover + Media Max 200) and T-Mobile SIM (600 minutes + unlimted t-zones) with the iPhone.

I activated my iPhone with the supplied AT&T SIM, and created a completely new account (basic iPhone plan).

Before activation:
– The supplied AT&T SIM was accepted
– My existing AT&T SIM was accepted
My T-Mobile SIM was rejected

After activation:
– The supplied AT&T SIM was accepted
My existing AT&T SIM was rejected
My T-Mobile SIM was rejected

So it appears that the iPhone only accepts the SIM used during activation! Madness…

But the supplied SIM is working fine (using the “wap.cingular” access point) with all my unlocked devices, including the HSDPA module in my OQO Model 02 :)


Live in the iPhone line

I’m in line for the iPhone at the AT&T store on Market St. (at 3rd St.) in downtown San Francisco – there are about 50 people ahead of me!

Let’s hope the AT&T line moves reasonably fast… Perhaps the much longer Apple store line will be moving faster, but who knows?

I chatted with Brian Lam of Gizmodo at the Apple store line earlier, and I stopped by the AT&T store on Van Ness Ave. – FYI the iPhone is not available for sale there.

I’ll keep you posted – in the meantime, here are some pictures :)

iPhone fever

iPhone fever is in the air. Can you feel it? I can :)

In addition to updating the iPhone specifications, Apple recently posted 3 interesting videos:
A guided tour
Activation & sync
iPhone keyboard

The first reviews have been published, and some questions have been answered (yes, there’s a SIM tray)…

The iPhone plans announced by AT&T are pretty reasonable (the basic plan is similar in cost and features to the existing 450 Rollover voice plan + Media Max 200 data plan from AT&T), and activation will be performed via the iTunes store.

I already have a 600 minute voice plan + unlimited t-zones data plan with T-Mobile (used primarily for voice), and a 450 Rollover voice plan + Media Max 200 data plan with AT&T (used primarily for 3G data) – both accounts are contract-free (beyond my 1-year commitment)…

I’m planning to create a completely new account (basic iPhone plan) just to activate the device. I’m going to try the SIM for each of my existing T-Mobile and AT&T accounts with the iPhone, both before and after activation.

I’m betting that, once activated, my iPhone will work fine (including visual voice mail) with my existing AT&T SIM. If that’s the case, I’m going to cancel my new AT&T account ($561 option) within the first 30 days and keep my iPhone, contract-free!

Otherwise, I’ll just cancel my existing, contract-free AT&T account (no early termination fee), and live with the new 2-year contract (and a new phone number).

I’m hoping to get an iPhone ASAP, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here’s a retrospective of iPhone knockoffs

Tasty bits – 22

The iPhone launch (now with YouTube support) is one week away. Are you ready for total chaos? I have a plan :)

In the meantime, here’s a nice article comparing the iPhone with other devices, including two from my current stable (the Nokia N95 and the Sony Ericsson M600i).

Speaking of my favorite phone, the Nokia N95 just got better! And if you’re still not convinced, here’s yet another review. Alternatively, the Nokia E90 is also a good choice

I’m also pretty excited about Nokia’s Mobile Web Server – it’s a very interesting idea. BTW, here’s a look into the Nokia Media Transfer application I mentioned last week.

The Sony Ericsson K850i is official, complete with a 5 megapixel camera (with auto-focus, macro, xenon flash, and powered lens cover), and supposedly tri-band HSDPA (as well as quad-band EDGE). Yummy :)

Opera announced a flash replacement for phones, and released a beta version of Opera Mini 4. After playing with it, I have to admit that it’s a pretty good web browser, especially for a Java application – in fact, it’s quite similar to Nokia’s very nice web browser.

The Meizu M8 (miniOne) is still evolving and is supposed to be available in late 2007.

Finally, here’s another installment in the multi-part review of the OQO Model 02.

Nokia N75 camera

As I mentioned in my video review, the Nokia N75 camera takes decent pictures, but suffers from the lack of auto-focus and macro, as well as a noisy (CMOS) sensor…

When compared to other 2 megapixel devices, the Sony Ericsson W800i takes nicer pictures despite having been released 2 years ago!

What do you think?

I’m looking for work

Due to an unexpected turn of events, I’m now unemployed and actively looking for work! If you know of any audio-related software engineering positions (video games or other), drop me a line.

If you know of people or small businesses in or near San Francisco needing any software, hardware, or network support (Mac or PC), send them my way as well…

Thanks :)

WWDC: iPhone development means web applications

Yesterday at the WWDC Steve Jobs announced that 3rd party iPhone development was being supported via web applications. That’s like telling a builder “you can build any house you want as long as you don’t mind just building a facade inside another house”!

With all the criticism surrounding the lack of 3rd party iPhone development support, I was hoping for Apple to release (or at least announce) an iPhone SDK. Instead Apple tried to save face by playing the web applications card – and in a rather insulting way…

As an iPhone enthusiast, Mac user and ADC member, I’m not impressed – apparently I’m not alone.

Update: I’m definitely not alone.

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