I’m looking for work

June 12, 2007

Due to an unexpected turn of events, I’m now unemployed and actively looking for work! If you know of any audio-related software engineering positions (video games or other), drop me a line.

If you know of people or small businesses in or near San Francisco needing any software, hardware, or network support (Mac or PC), send them my way as well…

Thanks :)


WWDC: iPhone development means web applications

June 12, 2007

Yesterday at the WWDC Steve Jobs announced that 3rd party iPhone development was being supported via web applications. That’s like telling a builder “you can build any house you want as long as you don’t mind just building a facade inside another house”!

With all the criticism surrounding the lack of 3rd party iPhone development support, I was hoping for Apple to release (or at least announce) an iPhone SDK. Instead Apple tried to save face by playing the web applications card – and in a rather insulting way…

As an iPhone enthusiast, Mac user and ADC member, I’m not impressed – apparently I’m not alone.

Update: I’m definitely not alone.