Burning Man

So I’m leaving for Burning Man today – I’ll be taking a break from posting for a little over a week!

This year I’m trying something new: I’ll be using my Twitter account and my iPhone to communicate with others at the event…

In the meantime, here’s an iPhone (software-based) unlocking update:
– First unlocking solution verified
– Second unlocking solution delayed


Tasty bits – 26

Here’s the latest iPhone info:
– First unlocking solution (using Turbo SIM)
– Second unlocking solution (hardware-based, available next week)
Application installer
Doom :)
Video conferencing
Coding tips
Reburbished iPhones
Ultimate buds (soon to be available for the Etymotic ER-4)

The Sony Ericsson P1i is getting a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. Here’s a nice hardware and software review, as well as a hands-on

And although the K850 was just announced, here’s a supposed 5 megapixel successor from Sony Ercisson featuring a 3x optical zoom!

The LG KU990 is definitely an atractive looking and feature packed device, with a 5 megapixel camera (auto-focus, xenon flash), 3″ touch screen (240×400) and HSDPA.

Look, it’s yet another Windows Mobile QWERTY smartphone from Samsung a Symbian QWERTY smartphone from Samsung (?!) with a 2 megapixel camera, HSDPA and WiFi, all rolled into a tasty thin slider form factor – let’s do the happy dance :)

Speaking of Symbian, the FCC recently approved two interesting N95 versions, and SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian is finally in beta! It’s about time…

I leave you with Hugo Ortega’s awesome HTC Shift video review.

The great Nokia N95 remix

Yes, it’s definitely odd… But it’s also definitely cool!

Although it’s not unusual for Nokia to release revised or updated products with a different name (e.g. N61, N62, and N61i) it appears that Nokia decided to remix the original N95, european version, into two new products without renaming it.

First, the Nokia N95, US version:
– UMTS/HSDPA on US 1900/850 MHz (no european 2100 MHz)
– Double the RAM (128 MB)
– Better battery capacity (BL6-F, 1200 mAh)
– Revised back casing without camera lens cover
– Revised bumpy multimedia buttons

Second, the Nokla N95, 8 GB european version:
– 8 GB internal flash storage
– No micro-SD card slot
– Black finish
– Larger screen (based on my careful analysis of the FCC documents)
– Revised wider front casing with smaller D-pad area
– Double the RAM (128 MB), to be confirmed
– Better battery capacity (BL-6F, 1200 mAh), to be confirmed
– Revised back casing without camera lens cover
– Revised bumpy multimedia buttons

The verdict: I’m not pleased about losing the camera lens cover, but I’m excited about the additional RAM and the US 3G bands.

Now let’s hope Nokia combines the above two versions and offers an 8 GB US version – I’d take the larger screen and 8 GB internal flash storage even if it resulted in losing the micro-SD card slot.

What about you?

Tasty bits – 25

This is post #100, and my first one from Seattle :)

There’s been a veritable plethora of iPhone hacks recently:
“Hello world” (released)
– Several other applications
Terminal emulator
iPhone SDK info
– More unlocking progress
Voice recorder
NES emulator
– File browser (PC and Mac)

Here’s the Sony Ericsson P1i being unboxed and compared (with the Nokia N95 and E61i)…

Then, how about a Nokia E90 hands-on and some Samsung P520 pictures?

Finally, here’s more evidence that the Google phone is coming!

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