Macworld: Other pictures and videos

January 20, 2008

Here’s my complete set of pictures from Macworld.

And here are my other live videos from Macworld:
Outside Apple store in SF during keynote
Inside Apple store in SF during keynote
MacBook Air initial thoughts
MacBook Air additional thoughts
Etymotic Research booth

Enjoy :)


Macworld: Axiontron ModBook pictures and videos (with interview)

January 20, 2008

Here are some pictures of the Axiontron ModBook that I took on the show floor (including some from last year)…

The ModBook is a really interesting product that received a lot more attention at Macword this year around!

I also made a couple live videos of the ModBook:
ModBook and Axiotron booth
ModBook interview with Nathan Oshidari

I’m hoping to get my hands on a ModBook for review very soon, so stay tuned.

Macworld: Apple MacBook Air pictures and videos (with demo)

January 20, 2008

In addition to my initial report on the MacBook Air, here’s a bunch of pictures of Apple’s new portable that I snapped while at Macworld…

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to grasp how thin and gorgeous the MacBook Air really is until you handle one!

I also captured some live videos of the MacBook Air while at Macworld:
MacBook Air and Apple booth
MacBook Air trackpad gestures demo

The Internet is still abuzz with people debating the pros and cons of Apple’s new portable – it’s definitely not for everyone, but I’ve ordered one :)

Macworld: Apple intros MacBook Air

January 15, 2008

So I’ve played with the MacBook Air a little, and yes, it’s absolutely gorgeous and incredibly thin!

As such, there’s no doubt that Apple continues to impress :)

However, with a 13.3″ screen and a large screen bezel, the MacBook Air is almost the same footprint as the Macbook – I was hoping for an 11.1″ screen in a casing just wide enough for a full-size keyboard (like the 12″ PowerBook, but widescreen).

At 3 lbs, it’s 33% heavier than the former ultra-thin champion, the Sony VAIO X505

I think the base price of $1799 is reasonable, but the $999 64 GB SSD option is too expensive. Also, physical connectivity is limited to only one (micro) DVI port, one audio ourput jack, and one USB 2.0 port – strangely, there is no FireWire port!

Processor (Core 2 Duo) speed is 1.6 GHz with a $300 1.8 GHz option, making the MacBook Air the fastest ultra-thin portable yet…

Standard features include WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, a webcam, and a multi-touch trackpad with gesture recognition. As expected, there’s no optical drive – I was hoping for some kind of 3G/4G connectivity (like HSDPA or WiMax), though.

Take a look at my pictures and videos:
My Flickr account (pictures)
My Qik account (live videos)

Unfortunately, Twitter is up and down a lot, so don’t be surprised I’m not posting there as much :)

My Macworld predictions

January 12, 2008


I’ll be blogging live from Macworld next week, uploading pictures in real time and broadcasting live videos.

Keep an eye on the following:
My Twitter account (real-time links to all my Flickr and Qik content)
My coverage here (articles)
My Flickr account (pictures)
My Qik account (live videos)

In the meantime, hot on the heels of TUAW and Gizmodo, here are my Macworld predictions:

  • New MacBook Pros, with LED backlight, optional flash storage, optional optical drives, optional built-in HSDPA (3G), available now
  • Ultra-slim. ultra-portable Mac with “touch” features and dock
  • iTunes 7.6
  • Movie rentals
  • iPhone 1.1.3 software with cut & paste
  • iPhone SDK
  • New WiFi iTunes store features
  • New media device, replacing and/or updating Apple TV and/or Mac mini, available Q1
  • New cinema displays with built-in iSight and LED backlight
  • “One more thing”: 16 GB iPhone with HSDPA (3G), better camera, and GPS, available Q2
  • Some people have suggested that Apple will introduce WiMax instead of HSDPA (3G) on the new Mac portables and perhaps on the iPhone…

    As much as I’m excited about mobile WiMax (4G), there’s no real coverage in the US yet. Sprint is supposed to introduce its WiMax service (named Xohm) sometime this year – the service is supposed to be contract free, but pricing is still unknown!

    Unless Apple becomes an MVNO, why would they deal with another carrier when they already have a relationship with AT&T? Then again, they also have a relationship with Intel, one of the major forces behind WiMax.

    Perhaps Apple will introduce a WiMax base station along with WiMax equipped devices. Apple adopting WiMax would definitely tip the scales in favor of the standard (like when Apple pushed USB and WiFi) – so I’m skeptical, but I’m hopeful.

    One thing is certain – Macworld promises to be more interesting than ever this year :)

    Tasty bits – 35 (holidays edition)

    January 7, 2008

    Happy new year :)

    Here’s last month’s tasty bits, a little behind once again! I’ve decided to stop numbering the column hereafter…

    JKK added HSDPA to the Asus 701 (Eee) – I’m working on a similar mod using a Sierra Wireless AirCard 875U HSDPA modem…

    Also I’ve started using Qik to stream live video with my Nokia N95!

    I’m keeping an eye on all the CES madness this week and I’ll be at Macworld next week, so stay tuned :)

    Asus 701 (Eee):
    WiMax-Enabled Asus Eee PC Confirmed
    How to add internal 3G HSDPA to Asus Eee PC
    How to add touch panel to Asus Eee Pc
    It’s official: upgrading the Asus Eee PC memory keeps warranty intact
    eeeXubuntu: Ubuntu distilled for your Eee
    Ubuntu on the Asus Eee PC: Part 1 (or How to run a functional Ubuntu install off a USB drive)

    Nokia N810:
    Nokia N810: unboxing and first impressions
    Canola2 Now Out!

    Nokia N95:
    Nokia N95-3 Finally Gets an Update to v 11.2.009
    The N95 classic hits v20 firmware
    The N95’s camera quality? It just got better…
    Hands-on with the Nokia N95 8GB for North America!

    Nokia N82:
    Nokia N82: impressions after a week…
    Nokia N82 hands-on
    Nokia N82 preview: First look
    Nokia N95, N95 8 GB and N82: The evolution of the multimedia computer

    More Nokia:
    Cellphones: Alleged Nokia N96 Spy Shots Look Yummypianoblacklicious
    New Slider: Nokia’s Patent Reveals Innovative Six- or Eight- Megapixel Slider Phone
    Video streaming from your phone QIK-ly, as in: instantly
    All About N-Gage – Totally CONFIRMED Star Wars N-Gage Video
    emTube – YouTube client for S60 phones
    Nokia Internet Radio
    Clarification: Upcoming Nokia IS a QWERTY Nseries

    Apple iPhone:
    Breaking: iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 Video and Evidence Confirms Update Is Real, Breaks Unlock, Third-Party Apps
    How to Install Applications on iPhone 1.1.2 (Video Tutorial)
    Syphon lets you save iPhone text messages
    Control Pro Tools with your iPhone
    Apple doesn’t give us MMS on the iPhone, so the community does
    iPhone gets video recording capabilities
    Not all is lost: partfoundry developing GPS module for iPhone
    Fixing YouTube on your Jailbroken iPhone
    Mobile Safari plug-in downloads files to your iPhone/iPod touch
    Apple relents, sanctions custom ringtones!

    OQO Model 02:
    OQO Announces model e2 with Built-In HSDPA Mobile Broadband Capability
    OQO does WiMax and 64GB SSDs

    Neonode N2:
    Neonode N2 officially coming to the US
    Review of the unique Neonode N2 multimedia phone

    BlackBerry 9000 (aka. BlackBerry 8xxx):
    BlackBerry 9000 specs revealed, our early Christmas present to you
    BlackBerry 8xxx hails from Rogers!
    BlackBerry 9000 series spy shot revealed?

    Hands-on with the Samsung G800
    Hands-on with the Samsung P520 Armani
    Samsung’s P720, F490 make their video debut

    Google Maps for Mobiles shows your location, even without GPS
    Verizon Wireless will open network for non-Verizon devices, services
    Photo of the Sony Ericsson P5i Leaked
    Wibrain’s B1 UMPC gets showcased on video – Engadget
    Hands-on with the LG KU990 Viewty
    A teaser shot of Motorola’s 5 megapixel multimedia maven?