iPhone 3G: one week later

Now that I’ve been enjoying my iPhone 3G for a little over a week, here are a few observations.

1) My experience at the AT&T store in Burlingame was significantly better than my experience last year. The employees were surprisingly efficient, friendly and professional. I joined the line around 7:30 AM and walked out around 10:30 AM. Since Apple’s activation system was down, I walked out with a sealed box after simply renewing my contract and paying for my iPhone 3G – the way it’s supposed to be. Here are some pictures and videos from the iPhone 3G launch.

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The iPhone 3G works with any AT&T SIM

Last year I reported that in addition to being locked to AT&T, the original iPhone would only accept the SIM it was activated with. As a result, it was impossible to use the original iPhone with another AT&T SIM.

Initially, it was possible to use an iPhone’s SIM with any other AT&T device (or unlocked device). Strangely this stopped working late last year, at least for data access…

Well things have changed with the iPhone 3G. While also being locked to AT&T, the iPhone 3G works with any AT&T SIM once activated. In fact, I was able to use the old Cingular SIM from my other AT&T account ($20 unlimited MEdia Net data plan) with my iPhone 3G!

Conversely, it’s possible to use an iPhone 3G SIM with any other AT&T device (or unlocked device). For example, I’m able to use my iPhone 3G SIM with my Nokia N95, including data access.

So it appears the iPhone 3G is now using a standard $30 unlimited PDA Personal data plan. Perhaps the iPhone 3G will also accept pay-as-you-go AT&T SIMs once activated.

And now for the real questions:
– If you cancel your 2-year iPhone 3G contract and pay the ETF, will your iPhone 3G remain activated during further firmware updates?
– Will you be able to use an out-of-contract AT&T account ($20 unlimited MEdia Net data plan) or a pay-as-you-go AT&T account with your iPhone 3G?

Unboxing the Apple iPhone 3G

Yes, here it is, the iPhone 3G :)

In fact this is a double unboxing of my white 16 GB iPhone 3G together with a black 16 GB iPhone 3G… Enjoy the unboxing pictures!

Sorry for the overexposed and blurry pictures. I borrowed a Nikon D200 for some of the shots but I ran into some lighting problems.

I went to the AT&T store in Burlingame on my way to work – take a look at my Qik videos.

More soon :)

Unboxing the Vulcan FlipStart

I’ve recently acquired a virtually new-in-the-box and never booted Vulcan FlipStart with Windows XP and EVDO! The only item missing appears to be the recovery disc(s), which I can live without thanks to Acronis True Image.

Take a look at all the pictures!

Yes I know, I’m about a year late to the party, and I’ve been pretty critical about the Flipstart in the past, calling it the ugly duckling and the zombie handtop. So why now?

Well a lot of things have changed in a year:
– I retired my beloved OQO Model 02 with HSDPA, selling it before it lost too much value
– Vulcan lowered the price of the FlipStart to $699, and then stopped selling it altogether

The tipping point was my Vulcan FlipStart HSDPA mod. The brave soul who volunteered his device for the hacking was experiencing some hardware problems which I was only able to resolve thanks to the outstanding assistance I received from Vulcan customer support. Being able to swap EVDO with HSDPA without reaching for my soldering iron was the icing on the cake…

So I started looking for a used FlipStart for further hacking. And for the record, I still think the FlipStart is aesthetically challenged :)

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