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So I’ve been back from the desert for about a week – take a look at my pictures, snapped with my Nokia N95-3 :)

Now that I’ve returned, here’s what’s happening:
– I’m playing with a Nokia E71 for a couple weeks
– Tomorrow I’m heading to Helsinki for the Nokia Open Lab workshops…
– Then I’m off to Austin GDC!
– I’m still waiting for some parts to arrive for part 3 of my multi-part post on modding the Acer Aspire One

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  1. Please have a go at the Dell Inspiron mini 9. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it as it compares to the eee900. Thanks.

  2. hey are you going to the nokia labs to do stuff related to maemo/N8x0?

    what will the third installment on the acer cover?

  3. also can’t wait for the part 3 3G aspire one mod…my ducklet friend and i both purchased this unit, and both would love to do the 3G mod!!!

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