Exclusive: Nokia N97 hands on

December 5, 2008

Tonight I was invited to the post Symbian Partner Event dinner on the 52nd floor of the Glass tower 555 California Street.

Once there, I was able to briefly get my hands on the just-unveiled Nokia N97!

This is a truly phenomenal device. Take a look at my pictures

Here’s some new (to me) information I gathered:
– The green “talk” and red “end” buttons are touch sensitive (capacitive, perhaps?)
– The N97 features a built-in FM transmitter
– The OS supports the concept of “presence” just like the Nokia Internet Tablets

The device is definitely smaller, thinner and lighter than I expected. The resistive touch screen is surprisingly good, but a capacitive touch screen would still be better.

It’s going to be a long 6-months wait :)

Special thanks to Matthew Bennett for helping out.