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Unboxing the Nokia N79, US version

Oh hai – I can has Nokia N79, US version!

Think of the N79 as the N85‘s candybar twin – it’s packed with tasty goodness, including the same 5 megapixel Zeiss camera, WiFi, and GPS.

However, it’s also slightly “detuned”, with a smaller non-OLED screen (2.4″ instead of 2.6″), US-only 3G (1900/850 MHz), and no USB charging – it’s definitely the sleeper of the current crop of Nseries devices…

Interestingly, the design language is closer to the N97/N86 than to the N85/N96. Check out my unboxing pictures and video.

I used the Samsung T929 (Memoir) to take most of the pictures :)

Come back for more N79 coverage soon.

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