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Unboxing the HTC Incredible

The wait is over – the HTC Incredible is here!

If you are pining for the fjords a Google Nexus One on Verizon, grab this instead – you are getting a better device.

The Incredible gets a nicer camera (8 MP auto-focus with a large lens/sensor & dual LED flash vs. 5 MP auto-focus with single LED flash), adds 8 GB of built-in storage, replaces the scroll ball with an optical trackpad, and runs the Sense UI…

All the tasty Nexus One goodness remains – Android 2.1, the 3.7″ 800×480 capacitive OLED screen, the 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, and the thin design.

I snapped some lovely shots with the Incredible this evening, and low-light performance is great. There’s still no dedicated camera key, but there’s touch-to-focus.

Yes, I’m excited about this phone, particularly the camera. I think it looks and feels more substantial than the Nexus One. In fact, I’m already jonesing for a GSM version :)

Here are my unboxing pictures and video:

Thanks to the friendly people at Verizon for the review unit.

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  1. Does it have dual microphones with the dedicated noise reduction chip? (this has worked very well for me) Does it have the 512MB of RAM? Does it have quad band GSM so when I travel abroad I can pop in a SIM card?

  2. Have seen conflicting opinions on the quality of the signal on the Incredible when compared to the Droid from Motorola. How has the signal been for your use?

      • Actually, the EVO does not have the same camera, it has the same megapixels. The EVO is capable of HD 720p, the Incredible is not.

    • @Informed No, it’s the same optics and sensor… In this case, being able to do HD video is about image processing, not about camera specs! I played with the EVO a while back, so I know :)

  3. Great unboxing and description. I dig that industrial design, as well, and I noticed that the speakers on on the recessed portions, which means they won’t be muffled when you have it lying on the desk.

    I do wish that we could put whatever firmware on the device we wanted, to get rid of SenseUI and keep up with updates when Verizon lags behind. Then again, someone will likely make that possible.

    • Apps are never installed in RAM – RAM is volatile memory used by the OS and apps while running!

      The 8 GB of built-in flash memory can be used to store both apps and content (music, pictures, videos)…

      • That 8gb usable for apps makes this an amazing Android phone. Pretty much makes the Nexus One a non-issue for me. I’ve been fighting with the 192ish on the G1 for a while now.

  4. Thanks for this! Unboxing videos are always so compelling. The Droid Incredible, coupled with the HTC Evo and Galaxy S this summer will really push the envelope for cutting-edge smartphones this summer.

  5. You mentioned a follow-up post in your video, do you have a date in mind for that?

    I’m also wondering about your thoughts on its battery life (some complaints about that elsewhere) and durability for when it’s dropped.

    • @Steve, my camera review should be up in the next few days.

      Battery life is a little worse than the Nexus One (Sense UI eats up more processor cycles) – basically, it’s a daily charger, but I can squeeze 2 days use out of one charge.

      I don’t drop test phones, but like any thin, modern, high-tech device with a large glass screen, the Incredible is best handled with care – no moving parts (like a keyboard) means a silicone case is an option.

      The Incredible is definitely one of the best phones currently on the market – it’s a powerhouse of hardware and software.

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  7. just wait till the Droid X comes out on July 15 and you should do a compare HTC Droid Incredible and the Droid X

      • Which do you prefer – Droid X or Incredible?? I just left ATT and my unlocked Nokia E71 – which was a great piece of hardware… now considering one of these units. Features that are key for me are quality of hardware and ‘pocketability’… Thanks!!!

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