Myriam Joire (aka. tnkgrl) was born wearing combat boots and holding a keyboard. Moments later she picked up a soldering iron. She’s been stomping, typing, and hacking ever since. After spending years being a code-monkey in the video game industry, she joined Engadget as Senior Mobile Editor and later Pebble as Chief Evangelist. Today she advises companies on product and media strategy, speaks at conferences, hosts the weekly Mobile Tech Podcast, and writes for Pocketnow, Chip Chick, Mobile Geeks and other major publications. She’s based in San Francisco.

She’s been called a “personality” and a “pundit“, but despite being (in)ternet famous, she’s just a tomboy with a fondness for other queers, punks, nerds, and misbegotten social deviants. You can reach her at tnkgrl@gmail.com and follow her on Twitter at @tnkgrl.

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