Neonode N1m first impressions

April 16, 2007

It’s been almost a month since I unboxed my Neonode N1m, but then my Nokia N95 came along and stole the show :)

Nonetheless, I’ve been playing with my N1m on and off, and I’m very impressed! It’s definitely a best kept secret device – Neonode’s touch-based user interface with gesture recognition (also featured on the upcoming N2) is extremely intuitive…

The phone even offers tactile feedback through the vibration feature when using the touch screen! Hmmm, I wonder if the iPhone works like that… Are you paying attention, Apple?

– Great touch-based user interface
– Fast operation
– Smartphone (Neno over Windows CE 5.0 .NET)
– Well made device
– Very small and light
– Good battery life
– Good music player (but no AAC support)
– Good HTML web browser
– Good GPRS performance
– Decent phone reception and audio quality
– USB mass storage device when powered off (with standard connector)
– USB charger

– Dim, scratch-sensitive screen
– So-so camera (1 megapixel)
– No Bluetooth
– No email client by default (but here’s one available for download)
– No speakerphone?
– No iSync support (but ActiveSync support)
– No Java support
– Tri-band GPRS only


Unboxing the Neonode N1m

March 26, 2007

Late last week I received my Neonode N1m… It’s a very interesting touch-based device, and one of the ancestors of the iPhone (together with the MyOrigo Mydevice). Expect my first impressions soon!

Check out the pictures, with some descriptions and “bento box” notes, which I introduced for the i-mobile 902 unboxing.

Tasty bits – 12

March 8, 2007

I’ve been busy at GDC with work-related stuff, but I’ll have some Nokia and Motorola coverage for you later this week. Also, I’ve acquired a rare Neonode N1m that I’ll be playing with soon. In the meantime…

How about some LG KE850 (Prada) phone goodness, like a review, a video review (above), and a release date & price?

The zombie handtop Vulcan FlipStart is back from the dead again here after a 3-year vaporware hiatus! It’s a bit pricey, thick, heavy, (ugly?) and a bit challenged on the memory and hard drive fronts, but it’s nonetheless interesting. I’ve requested a review unit, but I’m not holding my breath :)

Here’s a video of the Samsung F700 with music by one of my favorite bands, Fila Brazillia (song: The Cubist News, album: Dicks, year: 2004).

Apparently, you can use the Nokia N95 to edit video! Wow…

It looks like Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR is going to introduce some cool new features, including near field communication.

Perhaps the Google phone is more than just speculation after all.

Not much to report

February 21, 2007

Well, it’s been a quiet week… If you’re interested in the Nokia E90, you’re supposed to ask questions! Otherwise, enjoy a bit of humor :)

Update: How about a hands-on with the fascinating Neonode N2?

3GSM goodness

February 12, 2007

The Nokia E90 is here… And according to this review, it’s the ├╝ber phone! I’m very excited that it features a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus and flash. Maybe I’ll even wait for the E90 instead of getting the Nokia N95.

A OQO Model 02 with HSPDA instead of EVDO? Oh yeah! Unfortunately it’s a only a tech demo, and it’s not available yet

As expected, the touch-based Neonode N2 is here, and it looks very interesting – perhaps I’ll even order one if/when it’s available :)

More iPhone competition

February 2, 2007

Now this is interesting!

Two years after releasing the N1m, a phone featuring a touch screen with gesture recognition, Neonode announced that it will be showing a new device at 3GSM

Is this more iPhone competition, perhaps? Or will the Meizu M8 just be a replica?

I really mean it – 2007 will be the year of the touch-based device.