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tnkgrl Media

tnkgrl Media is a consulting and publishing company founded in 2006 by Myriam Joire (aka. tnkgrl).

tnkgrl Media provides the following services:
– Product and media strategy consulting
– Technology reporting and editing
– Public speaking

Myriam advises companies big and small on their product and media strategy with a focus on launches and crowdfunding. Her clients include MediaTek, Palo Alto Networks, Sony, Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, Honor, Sonos, Securifi, Vinci smart hearables, Particle, Sesame smart locks, Prynt, FLUX 3D, LSTN, and more. Since 215, she’s helped her clients raise over $8 million in crowdfunding.

Myriam also speaks at conferences, and works as a tech journalist. She’s the Managing Editor at Pocketnow, and the host of the Mobile Tech Podcast. In the past, she’s written for TechRadar, HotHardware, GeekSpin, and other major publications.

For more information, contact Myriam at