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Java solution and Windows Live Search

Thanks to a bit more help, I now have working Java solution for my Samsung i607 (BlackJack)! Java applications are no longer constantly prompting for permission to access the network… This makes the Google Maps Mobile and GMail Mobile actually useful :)

And speaking of Google, I recently installed the native (Windows Mobile) version of Windows Live Search, and I’m pretty impressed! Which begs the question: when is Google going to release a native (preferably Symbian) version of Google Maps Mobile? Because despite being a non-Microsoft person, I’m sorry to report that Windows Live Search walks all over Google Maps Mobile…

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  1. can you fill me in a little about how you convinced java it has permission. i’m just about to pull my hair out. also do you have any idea how to shut off the startup/shutdown noise. when i turn it off for the night if i dont put it on silent the increadibliy anoying noise wakes up my son. at 10 months old he has enough drama in his day with cutting teeth and bumping noggins to have is sleep interupted with that god forsaking noise.

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