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More iPhone competition

Now this is interesting!

Two years after releasing the N1m, a phone featuring a touch screen with gesture recognition, Neonode announced that it will be showing a new device at 3GSM

Is this more iPhone competition, perhaps? Or will the Meizu M8 just be a replica?

I really mean it – 2007 will be the year of the touch-based device.

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  1. Whats also real nice is that all of the touch devices ,along with the n95, should all be released with a couple months of each other. By sometime in June we will know everything needed to make an informed buying decision on which one to get.

    I have to say though the e61s large screen, durabilty, browser, office compatible apps, cheap html internet thru tzones, and keyboard are making me think the practicle decision will be to stay put with the e61. My heart may pull me in another direction though.

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