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i-mobile 902 first impressions

Yesterday I received my i-mobile 902 and today I played with it a bit… Of course it was raining all day – doh! So here are my first impressions:

Great camera :)
– Great speakerphone
– Well made device
– Reasonably small and light
– Good battery life
– Decent reception/call quality
– Decent user interface
– USB 2.0 mass storage/charge support (with standard connector)
– Bluetooth File Transfer and Object Push

– Narrow screen viewing angle
– Slow operation at times
– No email client
– No Bluetooth DUN (but Bluetooth Serial Port, so stay tuned)
– No iSync support (but vCard support, and worked fine with MegaCellX)
– So-so music player and audio quality (even with good headphones)
– So-so HTML web browser
– So-so GPRS performance (tri-band only)
– Small amount of Java memory

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  1. What is i-Mobile’s official site? Do you have full size photos to show us? I could only see downsized photos on Flickr.

  2. I-mobile is owned by sony and is their R&D division. When you browse the phones you will recognize a few that were later modded to be in sony line. this is a 5mp phone so it should not be too hard to tell which phone it will end up being.

  3. To “z” above:

    So you got the phone i February. Still at the end of May you were calling the phone “impressive”. How about today? How is the phone holding up, quality-wise?
    I have ordered one myself and am dying slowly waiting for the phone…

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