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3GSM goodness

The Nokia E90 is here… And according to this review, it’s the über phone! I’m very excited that it features a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus and flash. Maybe I’ll even wait for the E90 instead of getting the Nokia N95.

A OQO Model 02 with HSPDA instead of EVDO? Oh yeah! Unfortunately it’s a only a tech demo, and it’s not available yet

As expected, the touch-based Neonode N2 is here, and it looks very interesting – perhaps I’ll even order one if/when it’s available :)

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  1. I cannot see the E90 being attractive as an OQO companion since its almost exactly half the size of the OQO in cubic inches. (18.5 OQO versus 9.2 E90). It will cost about as much as the lowend Model 02.

    I have to admit my E61 is large also at 6.8.

    Maybe the best companion for an OQO is a very well connected but small phone with at least 240X320 resolution screen. The Neonode N2 looks interesting however it isnt well connected with no EDGE.

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