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Tasty bits – 12

I’ve been busy at GDC with work-related stuff, but I’ll have some Nokia and Motorola coverage for you later this week. Also, I’ve acquired a rare Neonode N1m that I’ll be playing with soon. In the meantime…

How about some LG KE850 (Prada) phone goodness, like a review, a video review (above), and a release date & price?

The zombie handtop Vulcan FlipStart is back from the dead again here after a 3-year vaporware hiatus! It’s a bit pricey, thick, heavy, (ugly?) and a bit challenged on the memory and hard drive fronts, but it’s nonetheless interesting. I’ve requested a review unit, but I’m not holding my breath :)

Here’s a video of the Samsung F700 with music by one of my favorite bands, Fila Brazillia (song: The Cubist News, album: Dicks, year: 2004).

Apparently, you can use the Nokia N95 to edit video! Wow…

It looks like Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR is going to introduce some cool new features, including near field communication.

Perhaps the Google phone is more than just speculation after all.

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  1. The new bluetooth feature sounds cool.
    I gues you’de have to first pair two devices and signoff on the directories/location of the files first and then all subsequent pairing would have the two devices knowing what to do.

    Sounds very cool to not have to manually transfer files each time you pair but to have the devices already know whats expected when a certain device is in range.

    Sounds like something that should be able to be done right now though.

  2. I have a unique problem…I recently acquired a Prada phone…it originally came with bluetooth but it seems that when Docomo got their hands on it in Japan, the disabled the bluetooth function….my question is….is it possible to enable it?

    Thank you for your time in this matter

    Louis Fattorusso

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