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OS X update adds Bluetooth PAN

On Tuesday, Apple released the Mac OS X 10.4.9 update, which (amongst other things) adds support for Bluetooth PAN! Strangely, this profile was missing from OS X, despite Apple traditionally leading Bluetooth support.

So why does this matter to me? Like most devices running Windows Mobile 5.0 with AKU3, my Samsung i607 (BlackJack) does not support Bluetooth DUN, so until this OS X update, I was forced to connect via USB…

I’m happy to report that Bluetooth PAN in OS X works flawlessly with my BlackJack.

On a related note, I was asked why I’ve not mentioned the BlackJack here recently. Well there’s really not much to report… I tweaked the device to be useful to me and I’ve been using it on and off ever since.

I have replaced Windows Live Search with the native Windows Mobile version of the Google Maps client.

I originally picked up the BlackJack because I was looking for a US-compatible HSDPA smartphone. It is a good device overall, and Windows Mobile is better than I expected. Nonetheless, I still prefer Symbian!

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  1. After e-mailing you I actually found another Samsung phone that looks like a foreign version of the blackjack, SGH-i600. Seems to have a couple more features like Wi-Fi and video calling. don’t know if the other features would be worth it or if the phone would even work in America but it is interesting to see.

  2. I installed the new OS X update, and re-paired my PowerBook to my BlackJack. OS X reported that it had been set up to access the network on my BlackJack, and now there is a Join Network on BlackJack option as the second to the bottom option when I hit the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar at the top of my Mac’s screen. Yay!

    When I select the option, my phone “wakes up” by turning the screen on (which tells me the computer is talking to it somehow). Yay!


    After a few seconds, I get an error window on my Mac that says “Bluetooth network failed. Failed to open a connection to the network service. Your device may have reached its maximum number of supported network connections.”

    Any pointers?

  3. Assuming you have a working data plan (you can connect to the Internet directly on the BlackJack), you have to run Internet Connection Sharing on the BlackJack before connecting your Mac via the Bluetooth menu.

    Internet Sharing (IntShrUI.exe) in the Windows folder on your BlackJack – just create a shortcut for it and put it in your Start menu. Also make sure that the Internet Sharing is set to share over Bluetooth (instead of USB).

  4. Thanks for this tip!
    Just got my HTC S710 Windows Mobile 6 device and I was very disappointed to find out that it doesn’t have a similar Bluetooth modem setup as e.g. Nokia phones. I started to be desperate when I found the taniwha modem script package which was instructing to install several pieces of software and scripts.
    I couldn’t believe it would be that difficult to setup a working BT Internet connection, so I googled once more and found this page. Very pleasant surprise that both Windows Mobile and OS X support this great BT PAN technology, better late than never. Worked like a charm with my setup.

  5. I see this post, and understand it, but I have one question… With the BlackJack and this OS X update, does it enable syncing via iSync, to sync with iCal? I’m curious because I am upgrading my devices on my Cingular plan, one with an AT&T 8525 and a BlackJack for my girlfriend, though we both have Macs, and are concerned/curious about the sync’ing capabilities… any help is appreciated!!!

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