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OQO Model 02 hands on: Part 1

Today I was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple of preproduction OQO Model 02‘s, batteries, a power supply, and a dock. I was also able to do a size comparison with a couple of OQO Model 01+’s…

Here are some pictures with descriptions – enjoy :)

Thanks to Bob Rosin of OQO for letting me have some alone time with the Model 02. It is much appreciated!

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  1. tnkgrl,
    On the “ESC” button, there’s an image of a “key”. What’s that for? BTW, thanks for the direct comparison between the 01+ and the 02. Also, did you find that the power cable (when plugged into the 02) made it awkward to use the 02? Thanks again.

  2. Why did OQO not learn from the model 1 that their keyboard is poorly designed? Look at the wasted space for a number pad, etc.; if they put those in a small row or made them shift key use then the keys for letters might be close to touch type. What they should have done is redesign it for touch type keyboard. I am not impressed at all.

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