The censorship war

There’s a censorship war raging on right now all over the Internet – it’s about IP and copyright vs. free speech and fair use…

It’s about this (hexadecimal) number:

09F91102 9D74E35B D84156C5 635688C0

Can you copyright a number? Share and discuss!


4 Responses to The censorship war

  1. anthonybuchanan says:

    Please explain more.

  2. mikecane says:

    Tch. The MPAA doesn’t like you now!

  3. If Advanced Access Content System (AACS) chooses to sue all 700,000 (and climbing) who’ve published this number, BRING IT ON.

  4. Pwning an Integer

    Glad to see someone other than the AACS is profiting out of the total s**t fight that is The current state of the DVD Encryption debarcle. It seems that parody humour is the big winner today, and i do enjoy a good laugh, especially at the expense of a …

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