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Sony Ericsson P1i hands on

So I went to the UIQ Fast Track here in San Francisco and I managed to get my hands on a prototype Sony Ericsson P1i :)

This is one sexy phone! Here are some pictures

I also received a Sony Ericsson M600i for simply attending the conference, which was a lovely perk.

The Motorola RIZR Z8 was also being gifted, but since I’ve never owned a phone with both a touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard, I opted for the M600i (ironically mine came with an AZERTY – aka. French – keyboard).

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  1. Wow, so lucky to get your hands on this phone! I started out with a SE T68i and have not had any other brand phone since. Is there a big difference between the M600i and the P1? I am looking at “trying” to get an iphone when released, but I am so hesitant because I enjoy SE phones so much and I am not looking forward to the trouble of getting one.

    Thanks for posting the pics.


  2. There is one obvious difference between the M600 and the P1: Sony Ericsson recognised their previous mistake, and put the camera back in the phone.

  3. this new phone is soooo coool, cant wait to have my hands on it! but i bet this phone would really costs a lot once it is out in the market…

  4. “The Sony Ericsson P1i’s sales are kicking off in September at the 650 Euro mark” that’s the mobile review guys sayin..
    so, that’s gonna be my perfect birthday gift for myself…

  5. I currently have a M600i in North America, the lack of Edge is not a problem for me, since the GPRS connection does the trick (i don’t download stuff, just read email and some blog and news websites), I even had to use it as a modem for my laptop with the GPRS connection and it was literally quite useful.

    I’m willing to do the jump mainly because of the WI-FI, even though it’ll be just 802b, and the wide open access points everywhere will suffice my needs, the support for VoIP is a big + IMO… about the camera.. yeah it’ll be fun, I’m not really into phone camera anyways.

  6. I love SE phone so much. From T68i, K750 to now K800. I have tried Samsung, Motorola & Nokia before and i prefer SE the best. I am longing to get PDA phone and the P1i just came out at the rite time, its simply “delicious”. I really tempting to own one.

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