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Tasty bits – 20

Apple iPhone news:
– Check out Steve Litchfield’s “iPhone rant” starting at 5:13 in this video. It’s spot on :)
– The iPhone, now FCC approved!
– The iPhone + prepaid users = love? I hope so.
– Google is supposedly working on additional iPhone applications

Nokia E90 news:
– Here are an unboxing and a “hands on”
– The E90 multi-part review continues, followed by a one-day review

Nokia N75 news:
– Here are a practical review and a (slightly more) formal review

Nokia N95 news:
– A camera bug? Nah :)

OQO Model 02 news:
– Don’t miss this great video review

LG KE850 (Prada) news:
– Here are a review and an article about the differences between the KE850 and the iPhone

Sony Ericsson P1i news:
– Enjoy this preview and this video overview!

In other news:
– The mobile Google Maps client now supports GPS
– The Meizu M8 (miniOne) features some cool specs
– How about an interesting comparison between several 3+ megapixel camera phones? Unfortunately, the impressive i-mobile 902 is not included.
– Microsoft is betting on Shift for future touch-based devices

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