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iPhone available June 29

Well it’s official! According to these ads, the iPhone will be available June 29, 2007

Despite some reservations, I’m excited. Are you?


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  1. hey tnkgrl! thought i’d post on your site for the first time…
    yeah, the edge only thing is a bummer, i bet they did it so that the 3g system on at&t wouldn’t overload with all the new users that will buy it. the other things that bug me about the jesus phone are the unusual aspect ratio of the screen, the lack of third party software, and the missing storage expansion. i think i’ll stick with my new blackjack untill the next version comes out and then re-evaluate the situation;)

  2. I think I’ll let the rest of the world use it for a while first. It’s my carrier, but I’m not too sure I want this one. I’m still pondering the N95, which looks a lot better to me. I’m a pocket pc fan, and am reluctant on that account….

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