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iPhone fever

iPhone fever is in the air. Can you feel it? I can :)

In addition to updating the iPhone specifications, Apple recently posted 3 interesting videos:
A guided tour
Activation & sync
iPhone keyboard

The first reviews have been published, and some questions have been answered (yes, there’s a SIM tray)…

The iPhone plans announced by AT&T are pretty reasonable (the basic plan is similar in cost and features to the existing 450 Rollover voice plan + Media Max 200 data plan from AT&T), and activation will be performed via the iTunes store.

I already have a 600 minute voice plan + unlimited t-zones data plan with T-Mobile (used primarily for voice), and a 450 Rollover voice plan + Media Max 200 data plan with AT&T (used primarily for 3G data) – both accounts are contract-free (beyond my 1-year commitment)…

I’m planning to create a completely new account (basic iPhone plan) just to activate the device. I’m going to try the SIM for each of my existing T-Mobile and AT&T accounts with the iPhone, both before and after activation.

I’m betting that, once activated, my iPhone will work fine (including visual voice mail) with my existing AT&T SIM. If that’s the case, I’m going to cancel my new AT&T account ($561 option) within the first 30 days and keep my iPhone, contract-free!

Otherwise, I’ll just cancel my existing, contract-free AT&T account (no early termination fee), and live with the new 2-year contract (and a new phone number).

I’m hoping to get an iPhone ASAP, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here’s a retrospective of iPhone knockoffs


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