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Unboxing the Apple iPhone

Wow! The iPhone, the most anticipated device ever, is here… And I have one :) Take a look at the pictures.

As planned, I tried both my existing AT&T SIM (450 Rollover + Media Max 200) and T-Mobile SIM (600 minutes + unlimted t-zones) with the iPhone.

I activated my iPhone with the supplied AT&T SIM, and created a completely new account (basic iPhone plan).

Before activation:
– The supplied AT&T SIM was accepted
– My existing AT&T SIM was accepted
My T-Mobile SIM was rejected

After activation:
– The supplied AT&T SIM was accepted
My existing AT&T SIM was rejected
My T-Mobile SIM was rejected

So it appears that the iPhone only accepts the SIM used during activation! Madness…

But the supplied SIM is working fine (using the “wap.cingular” access point) with all my unlocked devices, including the HSDPA module in my OQO Model 02 :)

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  1. Question: It’s a little unclear form the post: Did the iPhone continue to work as an iPod while the non-activated TMobile and AT&T sims were inserted? Or, did it return to it’s pre-activation lockdown state?


  2. Looks cool too bad I also live in ASIA so its 2008 till then hopefully I will be able to use my old service here instead of switching to a new one that only works with Apple and I want the device to be 3G capable by then

  3. Nice! I am about to go out and steal myself an iPhone because there is no way in hell Im up for paying 500+ dollars hahaha

  4. tnk: I’d be VERY interested to learn if you can sign into the WordPress web interface and blog with the iPhone! If you saw my fondle, I had to quit my attempt. It was iDay and I had to let other people fondle it.

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  6. The SIM card wasn’t necessary to activate the phone. And, to clarify, I meant that I would hate to post a whole blogpost using the phone. The touchscreen is good, but not that good.

  7. The iphone looks great. I’m afraid to give up my current provider (Verizon). I have no complaints about them. I also wonder how much I would use a phone as a computer….. What is your initial reaction?

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