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Tasty bits – 23

T-Mobile recently launched HotSpot@Home, a UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) service with seamless hand-off between GSM and WiFi – unfortunately it requires special phones and routers…

Nokia released new firmware for the N95 which includes support for AGPS (to enhance the existing integrated GPS). Also, here’s an aftermarket high-capacity battery (and cover) for the N95!

Here’s a couple of new 5 megapixel camera phones: the Samsung G600 and the LG KU990, a touch-based device with a 3″ screen and HSDPA.

The Neonode N2 is almost ready for release, albeit without EDGE… The Meizu M8 (miniOne) is supposed to be launching in 2008 – $989 for the 16 GB version!

And now for the obligatory iPhone coverage:
– Another Apple iPhone vs. LG KE850 (Prada) comparison
– Enter field test mode
Setup custom ring tones
– Looking for music to stream? Here you go! (and BTW, this is not supported on the N95)

And finally, if you don’t think the iPhone changes everything, think again:

They are bringing millions of newbies, and not kicking and screaming, into the smartphone age.

Yes, James Kendrick gets it.

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  1. Yes, the iPhone changes everything and no, James Kendrick does not get it. His idea is TOTALLY WRONG. He, and millions of WINCE FRIGTARDS like him believe that Apple is the handmaiden who will bring bring wide-eyed innocents into the walled garden of Windows-derivative products. Then they think that Windows developers will MAGIC away all the stardust from Apple and put it into their Raon Everuns and other hopelessly ANTI-USER devices.

    At the heart of their beliefs are two misconceptions: (1) that the Windows power users are the priests in the walled garden who have seen the future and that all they need is Apple’s fairy dust to deliver other people to them, the way the Mac delivered people to Windows years ago (ain’t gonna happen again), and (2) that there is or needs to be or ever can be a SEAMLESS connection between the desktop and the mobile experience. That (2) makes them believe that Windows in some form or other must be at the core of all user experience and it will DROWN them.

    And in case you can’t tell, it pisses me off that a creative type like you even links to that iPhone-hater JK or that you think he believes the iPhone represents anything but another meal ticket for Microsoft to leech off and twist into an inferior copy whose sales depend on monopoly leverage of Office or Exchange or whatever.

  2. Woah! Why all the hate?

    JK is a nice guy – I know this from personal experience… Sure he’s a bit too M$ centric for my liking at times, but his passion for mobile computing is genuine – so is mine, even though I approach things a little differently :)

    What JK gets is that Apple is making a huge impact with the iPhone, and to see him admit that is good! He’s even been using a MacBook Pro for a while now,…

  3. tnkgrl, did you get the update for your N95? Mine shows the old one is the up to date one. Is it out yet for the US? Thanks,

  4. What’s funny is that I happen to use a BlackBerry and a Nokia N95. :) Thanks for the kind words, I’m going to pretend that a frigtard is a good thing, kind of like a leotard.

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