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Tasty bits – 24

In this video, Steve Litchfield compares Apple’s iPhone with Nokia’s E61i and Sony Ericsson’s W950. His review of the iPhone is quite interesting. Other than the missing 3G support and limited camera hardware, I think the iPhone is only restricted in features by its current software implementation – there’s a lot Apple can (and hopefully will) do to remedy this. I also think that the OS X core of the iPhone is superior to Symbian (and will soon challenge it).

Oh, and Kevin Tofel caved in and picked up an iPhone,and Robert Scoble is dropping the Nokia N95 for the iPhone – hehe :)

Speaking of touch-based devices, Neonode’s sexy N2 got unboxed, and Meizu’s M8 (miniOne) got specified. Is Samsung ‘s P520 the answer to LG’s KE850 (Prada) phone?

Sony Ericsson’s flagship P1i is out and about! Here’s an unboxing and a review. Also, here’s a review of Sony Ericsson’s 5 megapixel K850i…

BTW, the iPhone hacking continues:
Partial unlocking
“Hello world”
Custom backgrounds
SSH access
WiFi tethering
Apache, Python, etc…

And finally, here’s a great Nokia E90 blog!

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