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Unboxing the BlackBerry 8320 (Curve)

Oh noes! I can has WiFi-enabled BlackBerry 8320 (Curve)…

Me, testing a BlackBerry? Shocking, I know :) I’m only doing this because:
– I have one to play with for several days (don’t ask)
– I wanted to try UMA with an interesting device
– I have never used a BlackBerry before (curiosity)

First, take a look at my unboxing pictures.

Second, help me!

I don’t have a BlackBerry plan… Can I add it to my account without renewing my contract (which is expired)? Can I add it without changing my data plan (unlimited t-zones)?

Voice/SMS is working, but obviously data is not (it didn’t even work over WiFi) :/ I tried installing Opera mini with the BlackBerry user tools (Windows XP) but it didn’t let me add applications.

This is not looking terribly good so far.

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  1. You will need to contact T-Mobile and ask them abt the questions on contracts etc..etc..but your data is not working due to the fact you DO not have a data plan, therefore have no service books for either BB internet nor WiFi services, as for adding applications, install the blackberry desktop software, plug in your BB, click on ”appliction loader” then once that window comes up in the top right hand corner you will see a radio button that says ”add”, then browse the the ALX file and voila, installed.

  2. Yes you can just add the BB data plan without renewing the contract. To get the full effect you should add the internet and email plan. Any T-MO Rep can do this instantly and hook you up over the phone.

    It will do nothing to your unlimited t-zones.

  3. both above posts appear correct.
    You need the data plan(blackberry SOC) – you will know that it is set up correctly once you see EDGE in the corner or top – by the bars
    Get @ home service too it’s only $10.00 for a limited time – unlimited calling from compatible wi-fi hotsopts – all T-mobile – and many more – like the one you probably have setup at home!
    I just ordered one and am waiting impatiently for it… i want to see how you like yours!

  4. you can leave the unlimited tzones in there .. it works with the curve. Also you dont need to have any data plan to just use the wi-fi network. You should be able to browse (just change the browser options to use wi-fi instead of the default tzones.

    However I doubt if you can use the IM services just over wi-fi.. without any data plan / tzones plan. please post if someone figures that one out :)

  5. So I just got a BB 8320 today. This is my first ever BB device, so on a bit of a learning curve. I have figured out that WiFi does not work, could this be due to the fact that I do not have a T-mo data plan? I did get the BB Unlimited Internet and e-mail plan, and I can connect via EDGE, but not WiFi. Kind of annoying since it shows as connected, but not able to load an web pages over the wifi. No other device that I have used with wifi capability has ever given such an issue.

    It is nice and I really like it, but may just return it if I can’t figure out the wifi….


  6. Well, only moments later, I figured it out. I read elsewhere where a user was having the same issue, and it was suggested to reset/reboot the router. So I reset mine, and it worked. Web pages now load via wifi and I get the uma showing on the BB. I also tried this with anot different T-Mo sim card, and same results. I am able to make calls over uma with a non data plan T-Mo sim! The uma is outstanding sound quality. Switch off the wifi and make a call via GSM, then make the same call using the uma, you will notice a difference immediately.

  7. I just got the BB Curve and i love it…. I can get online, use aim, yahoo etc. And I dont have the blackberry service on it!!!! I have this thing called “blackberry feature enabler”, which is free. My wifi works just great! I love this phone!!!!
    but when i make calles over the UMA, does it take out from my whenever minutes???? even I dont have hotspots @ home?

  8. i have the BB curve 8320 i am able to go online from my phone using wi-fi but i cannot connect to aim.
    i have the “blackberry feature enabler”.
    help pleas how can i connect to aim?

  9. My boyfriend just ordered me a curve for our anniversary <333
    I’m super excited, however I don’t want to purchase the internet for it just yet if I can use wi-fi to get on the internet instead.
    If I can, how do I go about setting it up?
    Anything else I should know?

    Thank you in advance,

  10. I got my BB 8320 one week ago, unlocked one, I have updated the OS to 4.5 and I can acess WEB page, as google, Yahoo etc, but I can’t acess the Live Messeger aplication as MSN. The answer is always : Service Not enable for this handheld. I’m using a brazilian carrier (TIM) without data plan.
    I really appreciate any suggestion to help me move forward.

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