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No BlackBerry plan? No problem

I’ve been reading mixed reports about using my WiFi-enabled BlackBerry 8320 (Curve) without a BlackBerry plan… Some say it’s possible, other say it’s not, so I decided to investigate!

With my existing T-Mobile unlimited t-zones data plan, the built-in web browser worked fine for WAP sites (over GPRS/EDGE only) and for HTML sites (over WiFi only). I was able to install Opera mini 4 beta, the Google maps client and the Gmail client, but none of these application worked (over either GRPS/EDGE or WiFi, with TCP/APN set to “”). Blame it on the proxy…

Since I was already considering it, I upgraded to the T-Mobile Total Internet data plan that was recently introduced (unlimited data + Hotspot). I also added the BlackBerry Feature Enabler (free – for MMS support).

With my Total Internet data plan, the built-in web browser worked fine for both WAP and HTML sites (over either GPRS/EDGE or WiFi). Opera mini 4 beta, the Google maps client and the Gmail client, all worked as well (over either GRPS/EDGE or WiFi, with TCP/APN set to “”)!

Then I got the phone SIM unlocked and tried my AT&T MEdia Max 200 data plan.

With my MEdia Max 200 data plan, the built-in web browser worked fine for both WAP and HTML sites (over either GPRS/EDGE or WiFi). Opera mini 4 beta, the Google maps client and the Gmail client, all worked as well (over either GRPS/EDGE or WiFi, with TCP/APN set to “wap.cingular”).

Basically, it looks like any proxy-less data plan works fine – so unless you require push email, ignore the BlackBerry plan :)

One more thing… UMA turns me on is pretty cool!

It works on most WiFi networks as long as you use a T-Mobile SIM, and call quality is great – no special router required. Unfortunately, transitions between GSM and WiFi often result in dropped calls, but this is apparently getting fixed soon.

Now I want to see UMA support for my Nokia N95.

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  1. When you tested wifi for google apps, was your mobile network disabled? I can’t seem to get google mail, maps, yahoo go or other apps to work when the mobile network is disabled and wifi is enabled.

  2. do you have to sign up with BIS before your pure data plan works or you never have BIS before? I can’t make it work by just signup a data plan (Edge or gprs) if possible, please reply to my email, thanks.

    • wrong!!!!!! i have a 8320 with no data plan, no feature enabler and use opera mini over wifi with no problems at all

  3. I have a BB 7230 with T-Mobile Total Internet plan. I have tried using “” and “” for the APN setting, and neither have worked. I just get “Data Connection Refused”. I have tried using no username and password, and I have tried using my tmobile 10 digit phone number as my username and used the password for my account. Still no luck.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

  4. This is good information. I have the T-Mobile Total Internet Add-On plan, which is $20/mo and comes with HotSpot access, and I’ve been considering upgrading to a BlackBerry. I’d really like to keep the Total Internet plan (since the Blackberry plan costs the same but doesn’t include HotSpot access), but this is the first I’ve heard of it actually working. Quite a few other people claim that it doesn’t work.

    Do all the built-in Blackberry apps (Blackberry mail, Blackberry messenger, etc.) work via the Total Internet plan?

    Also, did you have any trouble getting the T-Mobile rep to add the Blackberry Feature Enabler even though you weren’t on a Blackberry plan? I’ve heard anecdotally that sometimes they won’t allow this.

    Great to hear something positive, though.

  5. Wi-fi works same as Pc wi-fi. You can use public networks, netwprk at school, job, home, park, It is fast and free. T-mobile is screwing custumers and selling expensive and useles internet BB plans. Thet sold me BB Pearl for 350$ but I didn’t get rebate. If u ask for price they tell u 149, and hidding detail that to get rebate one need to buy BB plan. I am so mad so I will switch to ATT.

  6. I am trying to get any kind of map service on my blackberry 8320 and none seem to work. I’ve tried the maps that blackberry put on the phone along with mapquest and google maps. I think that this is just a problem with the 8320. I’ve read a lot about people trying to get the maps and the just can’t.

  7. Hi – I too would like to use the google apps etc without a blackberry plan. I have downloaded them on my blackberry bold and they work fine over wifi. But they won’t work over my regular data plan. I am with vodafone australia and have set the apn to

  8. Hi! Just orderd the BB Pearl flip and called to switch from BB plan to regular unlimited internet BB plan with BB enabled. Thanks for the great info there!
    My question is re UMA..I have a Nokia N82 that i will be using switching sim card and wonder if there is any way to get UMA on a phone not coming with it so I can use it with my home network and save my minutes? I really really hate how UMA only comes on a handful of there phones, nevermind, a nice unlocked phone you happen to pick up…

  9. I spoke with T-Mobile rep (i apoligize that this advice doesn’t apply to non-TM customers) and there is a free Blackberry Enabler that optimizes the wi-fi feature in my BB 8820 (i assume it would optimize all wifi cap BBs). But the first thing is make sure your BB software is updated. When I bought my used BB it has ver. 4.2 and i updated it to 4.5 before getting t-mobile to add the Enabler on the acct (which registers in the system in up to 24 hrs). I can use Google Maps, Facebook and Twitterberry Apps, Slacker Radio (my Pandora unfort. only works with BB internet plan) and buzzed app. Still seeing what apps i can have just using Wi-Fi.

  10. Mine is BB bold 9000. Everything works except BB messenger. I am currently in India using a GPRS plan which enables me to use – Astrasync (sync’s all my work e-mails for $50 purchased it, worth it and also supports push e-mail as u can choose the sync schedule u like ), Gmail application works on GPRS, Google maps also works, Facebook works too.

    • sorry, are you on a data plan? how did you get all those to work without a data plan? im plannig to get the bold 9700, but unless im sure i know how to use all the features without a data plan, im not buying it.

  11. Hi Folks,

    this is good information. Thanks. I read in one of the posts( June 09 )that one can call TM support and enable BB feature enabler. How does that work. A friend of mine mentioned the same to me and i called TMoblie just to do that and was told that they don’t have that feature anymore. I called between jun-jul 09. I use a basic plan for voice only on BB pearl.

    • its true, i also called and they dont have it anymore. i dont get UMA but uma. i can still use bb browser, opera mini, palringo, pandora, instango, logicmail and a bunch of games. i think there are some facebook and tweeter apps that will work too but im not sure cause i dont use those services (i guess im not as cool as the rest of the world =P)

  12. I have the exact same phone. I don’t have a data plan but I was able to find free apps that do all I wanted over Wi-Fi.
    I use Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, IM, search, weather and more. It took me a little time to find those apps, if you guys are interested, I just wrote a post in my site where I list them.

  13. I deleted all apn settings and my wifi now works with all the browsers including opera. Still no luck with gmail though.

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