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Unboxing the Nokia N95, US version

The news came right after I returned from playing in the desert with my Nokia N95, right around the time Nokia officially announced the N95, US version (aka. N95-3).

Apparently, I won the Nokia BH-801 contest! I won – wait for the irony of it – an N95… It’s my first time winning anything significant, and it’s a device I already own – oh noes :)

What was I to do? Simple really, I talked the (very accommodating, thank you) contest organizers into giving me an N95-3 instead! I then sold my beloved N95, and picked up my Sony Ericsson K850i to hold me over.

So, after waiting 3 months for it to arrive, I’m finally unboxing my N95-3 – take a look at the pictures

It was worth the wait.

The N95 was all goodness 3 months ago, and is even better with the latest firmware. Now take all this goodness, add US-compatible HSDPA support, double the RAM, a higher capacity battery, and you end up with the N95-3 – you end up with Symbian feeling downright snappy.

There, I said it :)

HSDPA is a significant improvement, allowing me to listen to full 128kbps MP3 streams like SomaFM and Netmusique with Nokia Internet Radio and watch any YouTube (Flash) video with emTube. Google maps now uses the built-in GPS for even more accurate tracking – that combined with high-speed data equals wow!

Double the RAM is also a significant improvement, allowing multiple apps to run smoothly. The web browser no longer crashes when loading large web pages, for example – that, combined with high-speed data equals more wow…

The only disappointment with the N95-3 is the missing lens cover, which was removed to accommodate the higher capacity battery. It’s a shame, because even the camera is otherwise improved, especially with the latest firmware.

Check out these pictures I snapped yesterday:

Ultimately, I must admit that, as much as my designer self is still enjoying the sleek experience of the iPhone, my geek self was missing the rich features of Symbian.

So it’s nice to have my N95 (turned N95-3) back :)

PS: I’m selling my Sony Ericsson K850idrop me a line if you’re interested

2 thoughts on “Unboxing the Nokia N95, US version Leave a comment

  1. you gonna do a side by side page load speed test with iPhone vs Nokia? As you may have seen a lot of supposed 3G phones don’t render pages as fast as the iPhone, so I’d be curious how this new one fairs.

  2. I bought my N95-3 right before I headed to Germany. I was tired of hauling my 2mp behemoth around. So far it has worked fairly well. I can’t wait to get back to the states with a legitimate data plan though.

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