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Macworld: Apple MacBook Air pictures and videos (with demo)

In addition to my initial report on the MacBook Air, here’s a bunch of pictures of Apple’s new portable that I snapped while at Macworld…

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to grasp how thin and gorgeous the MacBook Air really is until you handle one!

I also captured some live videos of the MacBook Air while at Macworld:
MacBook Air and Apple booth
MacBook Air trackpad gestures demo

The Internet is still abuzz with people debating the pros and cons of Apple’s new portable – it’s definitely not for everyone, but I’ve ordered one :)

7 thoughts on “Macworld: Apple MacBook Air pictures and videos (with demo) Leave a comment

  1. I plan to use my N95-3 with HSDPA over Bluetooth for 3G – that’s all that’s really missing for me :) Eventually, I plan to upgrade the HD to an SSD once the prices start coming down.

  2. The alternative is probably thicker… What are you considering? The Sony VAIO X505 is the only other portable that’s that thin and it’s 4 years old!

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