Macworld: Apple MacBook Air pictures and videos (with demo)

In addition to my initial report on the MacBook Air, here’s a bunch of pictures of Apple’s new portable that I snapped while at Macworld…

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to grasp how thin and gorgeous the MacBook Air really is until you handle one!

I also captured some live videos of the MacBook Air while at Macworld:
MacBook Air and Apple booth
MacBook Air trackpad gestures demo

The Internet is still abuzz with people debating the pros and cons of Apple’s new portable – it’s definitely not for everyone, but I’ve ordered one :)


7 Responses to Macworld: Apple MacBook Air pictures and videos (with demo)

  1. Assaf says:

    Figures! I’m half decided about ordering one myself, but going back to 4200rpm and no PCI Express?

  2. tnkgrl says:

    I plan to use my N95-3 with HSDPA over Bluetooth for 3G – that’s all that’s really missing for me :) Eventually, I plan to upgrade the HD to an SSD once the prices start coming down.

  3. Assaf says:

    Considering the alternative — 2.5GHz with built-in WAN bigger/faster HD but 0.7lb heavier and not as sexy — it’s a tough call.

  4. tnkgrl says:

    The alternative is probably thicker… What are you considering? The Sony VAIO X505 is the only other portable that’s that thin and it’s 4 years old!

  5. Assaf says:

    SZ, which is a full inch thick, and so cannot not fit into an office envelope!

  6. tnkgrl says:

    Go for the MacBook Air. It’s the only portable this light/small/thin that can run OS X, Windows, and Linux without any major hacks.

  7. Seriously, with that kind of price tag, I am far far away from owning one of those beauties :(.

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