Unboxing the Apple MacBook Air

The MacBook Air has landed. Pictures here… Take-apart there!

Still unconvinced? Try reading this.

Enjoy :)


4 Responses to Unboxing the Apple MacBook Air

  1. macbook air says:

    the macbook air is truly beautiful and is perfect for bloggers on the move or people who travel to/from work!

    Certainly no desktop replacement though

  2. indroo says:

    MBA is another MacMini to me… the forms great but they shrink all the power to be the lightest.

  3. Gosh i’m so envious. I hope to be taking a macbook air out in the next few months for my new college course. I’m told that the macbook air is perfect for graphic designers.

  4. fhunter says:

    Looks great but think id stick with my macbook pro!

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