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Windows drivers for Apple USB Ethernet adapter

Listen up, all you Boot Camp’in MacBook Air users… Can’t find Windows drivers for the Apple USB Ethernet adapter? Want to use use the adapter on another Windows machine? Are you crazy?

Fear not! I’ve hacked together some Windows drivers for the Apple USB Ethernet adapter. Simply download, unzip and when Windows asks for drivers, point it in the right direction.

Enjoy :)

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  1. I with Mike’s idea … USB drivers for USB to Ehthernet under Windows Mobile would be excellent ! but… isn’t Windows Mobile still very device-specific ? … As Smartphones get widespread use, there will be more demand for little gadgets to connect to Ethernet – why ? b/c it is very costly to get an unlimited data plan, AND many places do not have 3G or a suitable WiFi … nor allow cell calls from inside a building – e.g. medical…

  2. Does anyone know of any other brand USB Ethernet adaptors that are compatible with the MacBook Air? I am not necessarily tied to apple for this device.

  3. @Mike, sorry I have not tried using it with Windows Mobile. (Why would you want to?)

    @James, the Linksys USB200M USB Ethernet adapter works with all Mac and PCs (including the MacBook Air).

  4. Hey tnkgrl,

    Although the most recent version included is XP, it works with Vista on Macbook Air as well.


  5. hey tnkgrl.. great work on getting these drivers. I’m using 64-bit Vista on the Air. Got everything working, just need to get this network adapter going. Any idea how to modify the inf, maybe the XP driver will work on 64-bit Vista? Thanks

  6. Hi everyone!

    Does anybody know of any USB WIFI Adapter which can work with Windows Mobile 5/6.

    Thanks in advance for you time and concern.

  7. can’t intall the 64-bit Driver under german Vista (Home Edition). I’ve tried to copy the folder to several locations and point the install procedure towards, but no luck. Any hints. thanks -Andy

  8. Hey Andy,
    how were you trying to install the driver? Go into the device manager (I believe in Vista you can just type “Device Manager” in the start menu and it’ll find it). You’ll find an unrecognized device (under Network adapters possibly). Right click and click on “Update Driver”. Then you need to manually find the driver, and point it to the INF file wherever you’ve extracted the driver. Lemme know if you have any trouble
    – nAv

  9. Hi

    I have a new imac – I have successfully installed Window xp prof – however, i cannot get onto the internet. My imac is fine. I was told by mac to google the problem. I am not very computer savy – so, I am not sure that your solution is the one I am looking for – if it is, please let me know – – anything you can suggst would be greatly appreciated.


  10. tnkgrl, you rock. I installed your drivers and they worked perfectly. thanks for taking the time to save my mba. I have to run it in windows for my work. cheers!

  11. Hi, I did not install any driver in order to use the external apple ethernet adaptor in the windows vista environment….. why????

    The only problem I have is that the connection fails whenever i switch the OS from Mac X back to Vista, and I have to restart a few time before I have the connection again… any advise?

  12. continued…My first time plugging the adapter into my computer it recognized it and took me through a wizard and it couldn’t find anything. Now, when ever I plug it into my computer it won’t even recognize it and I cannot get the wizard to pop up. What do I need to do?

  13. hey, i got an early 2008 imac and need sound drivers working correctly – only driver which does not work. HELP PLZ!

    btw im using Win 7

  14. Thanks for the drivers, I’m testing Windows 7 Beta 1 on my Macbook Air and the only thing that was missing was the USB ethernet adapter driver, and you got it. Thanks a mil.

  15. @kleinp: I have had BSOD issues with this driver in Vista too….so, had to stop using it…

    @tnkgrl or others: Any solutions for this????



  16. I unzip the drivers. I got to the point when you have to write the file where to find them. Then I go to the final file XP and … nothing. It simply do not recognize that this file has ANYTHING that works for installation so the Install botton never activetes.

  17. @hugo

    Did you look inside the XP folder and see if there are any files actually in that folder?

    If not, re-download and try again….

  18. Hi,

    I appreciate the efforts here…but I can’t get it to work. Also getting the BSOD, running vista 32bit on MBA. Anyone have a solution yet?

    The usb ethernet adapter is actually an attempt to get updated broadcom firmware for my airport card – as is I can’t connect to the internet no matter what I try(however the OSX side connects just fine).

    Any help would be AWESOME.


  19. Hi there… Is it possible with this driver to set the MAC adress of the ethernet adapter?

    Thanks for your effort ;-)

  20. Trying to use the Apple USB to Ethernet adapter with Windows 7 RC7100 on MacBook Air. Anyone got this combination working?

    Any advice on how you did it would be apprec1ated.


  21. I failed the first time around trying to use this driver with Vista, but It just worked perfect!
    I am using it to access the net now!

  22. The original drivers, distributed by Apple, are in all OS Leopard installation retail DVDs. You can find them in BootCamp\Drivers\Asix directory. There are drivers for XP, Vista and 64 bits.

  23. anybody know if you use the adapter on the WII.
    i set it up but it didnt work, i havnt had anytime to look into it.

  24. I’m looking for drivers for Apple’s iDevices being used as “Apple Mobile Ethernet” or something similar when plugged into Windows. However, I am looking for drivers for a debian-based Linux distribution. I am trying to tether my iPad to a linux box running XDSL (an XBox modified version of Damn Small Linux). The iPad shows up in USBView as iPad, but is cannot function in any capacity. I am looking for help finding and configuring the drivers to allow me to use USB Tethering with MyWi from my iPad to my Linux XBox. Whoever is able to help me will be returned a favor if I am capable.

    Thanks much!

  25. I have a user running an MBA with Bootcamp Win7 connected to our enterprise network with the Apple USB to Ethernet adapter. It works, but I’m pretty certain that the adapter has caused 3 ports on one of our Cisco Catalyst 2960 switches to die. If I connect the use to any other port not previously used, the adapter is back up and running. I had to have used the drivers on the MBA Bootcamp CD I downloaded. I’ll try these drivers and report, but I’d like to know if anyone else has seen this adapter FRY their networks swtich.

  26. Thanks for the drivers! Has anyone done speed testing on the adapter under Windows? I get 93Mbit/sec on my Macbook Air with OSX, but only 57Mbit/sec on my viliv N5 with Windows 7.

  27. For the last 2 years I have been carrying a cell phone, an iPad Touch, an iPad Shuffle, and (when I thought I would need it) a camera. I was waiting for a device that would do it all in one, but without forcing me into an unwanted 2-year cell phone contract (I use an AT&T prepaid GoPhone account). The iPhone 4 is that device. For the most part, I adore my new iPhone. Only…

  28. Your drivers did the trick. My iPhone4 is now recognised as a USB modem by my Acer Travel Mate running Windows XP. Well Done. Richard.

  29. Lightning fried my internet port on my desktop. Was only able to find a Mac Ethernet/USB adapter locally and this driver was just what I needed to get things working. Thank you very much!

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