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iPhone 3G: one week later

Now that I’ve been enjoying my iPhone 3G for a little over a week, here are a few observations.

1) My experience at the AT&T store in Burlingame was significantly better than my experience last year. The employees were surprisingly efficient, friendly and professional. I joined the line around 7:30 AM and walked out around 10:30 AM. Since Apple’s activation system was down, I walked out with a sealed box after simply renewing my contract and paying for my iPhone 3G – the way it’s supposed to be. Here are some pictures and videos from the iPhone 3G launch.

2) Yesterday I indulged in unboxing my iPhone 3G a second time. My original unboxing was so rushed that I never even unwrapped the accessories (I’ve been using the accessories from my original iPhone instead). What better excuse? Behold, 40 more pictures :)

3) 3G reception on my iPhone 3G is significantly worse than 3G reception on my Nokia N95-3 in the same location. This was also true with EDGE on my original iPhone vs. most other devices. Contrary to the N95-3 where the phone can be set to EDGE only, 3G only, or auto-select, the iPhone 3G can only be set to EDGE only, or auto-select. A 3G only option would prevent the re-buffering of streamed content while briefly crossing a 3G signal dead-zone (in a moving vehicle for example), a situation where switching from 3G to EDGE and back is more time consuming than loosing and re-acquiring the 3G signal.

4) My iPhone 3G’s battery life is pretty much identical to my original iPhone’s battery life, which is downright good for a 3G device. I get 2 days of light use from a full charge if I turn the phone off at night. If your iPhone 3G battery life is less than stellar, try a few full charge cycles (charge overnight, and use your iPhone 3G until it shuts down, rince & repeat).

5) I downloaded a few applications from the App Store and, in typical Apple fashion, the experience is über slick. However, Apple should allow some applications (such as Internet radio) to run in the background. On my Nokia N95-3, I can listen to Internet radio (a downloaded application) while surfing the web or using navigation. On my iPhone 3G, not so much, sadly :/

5) Speaking of Internet Radio, I tried both Pandora and Pandora works well except that all content plays in mono. Hello? 1948 called and wants its tech back! looks nicer than Pandora but takes an insane amount of time buffering content over 3G. When I drive and listen to, there’s about a minute of silence between songs, even with a strong 3G signal… Fail. I also installed Twitteriffic and Twinkle. Twitteriffic is nice, but Twinkle is a little gen. The UI is better (other than the font, which is too small for my eyes) and the location features rock.

Bonus: Here’s a video I made live in the original iPhone line at the Apple Store in downtwon San Francisco on June 29, 2007… Somehow, I never uploaded it until now!

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  1. I can’t even buy an iPhone yet here in Spain because it is not available in the local Telefonica store. Really disappointed.
    I will be checking the store again on Tuesday but I don’t hold out much hope.

  2. I just uninstalled the app on my iPhone 3G and now the streaming is super fast. Streaming between songs is about 5 seconds now compared to a minute previously. I dont know if they changed something or what but buffering between songs on 3G now is blazing fast! Try uninstalling and downloading again and reinstalling. Worked for me!

  3. I’ve owned the iPhone original for almost a year now and have been rather surprised at how good it is.

    The only thing I can fault it for is not having internet on the move, which is my own fault due to unlocking it.
    This means I can only use the internet if I am in a wi-fi zone.

    If the phone had all those features that I gave up on, then it would probably blow my mind.

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