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The Asus 901 (Eee) is here

The same brave soul who lent me his Vulcan Flipstart a few weeks ago let me borrow his Asus 901 (Eee).

Check out the pictures!

Since I’m no stranger to modding the old Eee, I’m eager to find out how much the new Eee can be hacked…

Thanks to this article, I already know that there’s a 40-pin ZIF connector on the motherboard for a 1.8″ PATA hard drive. I also know that there’s a missing mini PCIe connector and SIM holder on the motherboard. But is that all?

Stay tuned for more Asus 901 (Eee) pr0n goodness.

3 thoughts on “The Asus 901 (Eee) is here Leave a comment

  1. Those glossy lids look so pretty and beautiful in photos! Too bad they are such finger-print magnets. I’m pretty sure the number of neurotic lid polishers has increase lately! :P

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