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Nokia E71 business phone

Thanks to WOM World, I’ve been using a Nokia E71 as my primary phone for a few weeks now, and I’m pretty impressed overall. It’s a business phone similar in specs to the E66, but with a QWERTY keyboard – it’s Nokia’s followup to the E61i.

Unfortunately, this E71 is a Euro/Asian model (UMTS/HSDPA at 2100 MHz) – a US model is also available (UMTS/HSDPA 1900/850 MHz). Fortunately, I was able to enjoy 3G on this device while visiting Finland for the Nokia Open Lab.

The E71 shares its elegant design language with the E66, complete with patterned stainless steel back. It’s a very thin device – it’s a touch (pardon the pun) smaller in every dimension than the original iPhone :)

Build quality is top notch with no flexing, no squeaks, and no cheap painted plastics. Why can’t Nokia make N-series phones as polished as this?

One of the best features of the E71 is the QWERTY keyboard, which provides superb tactile feedback, despite being smaller than the one on the E61i.

One of the worst features of the E71 is the camera, which is almost as disappointing as the one in the E66. Picture quality is low for a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus, macro and flash. At least the firmware is not as buggy.

On the software front. the E71 packs Symbian (S60v3 FP1) with enterprise-class messaging features, such as Exchange support and a handy text-to-speech interface. BlackBerry Connect is now gone, however.

– Same features as the E66 (3.2 megapixel camera, WiFi, GPS, etc…)
– Superb QWERTY keyboard
– Top notch build quality
– Candybar form factor (lighter, fewer moving parts)

Disappointing camera (compared to other 3.2 megapixel devices with auto-focus, macro and flash)
– No 2-stage shutter button or accelerometer
– 2.5 mm audio connector (adapter required)
– Fingerprint magnet

Check out my pictures and videos (1 and 2) of the Nokia E71.

Playing with the E71 solidified my desire for an N-series device with a QWERTY keyboard – are you listening, Nokia? So if you crave a solid, well-rounded Symbian phone and you can live with the disappointing camera, look no further than the E71.

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  1. I got myself one 4 days ago. Really happy with it so far. I’m having some issues with GPS, but that’s probably because I didn’t purchase any licenses to use it.

  2. i have no desire for a N series phone with a keyboard! Nokia please bring back optical zoom and the transformer form factor of the N90 and N93 and enable ego videoblogging mode (didn’t work on the N93 without hacks!) !

  3. @tnkgrl: me too! even better would be a form factor like the sony xperia: slide-out qwerty PLUS high-res screen! i will not buy any more devices with a crappy QVGA resolution. period.

  4. It’s beautiful but I’m so happy with my E51 I cant upgrade yet. My N80 display failed like many others so I’m never buying Nseries again. How much dust under the screen? I realize the lint in the picture is from the carpet but my S60 devices always seem to get full of dust after 3 or 4 months.

  5. Hey,

    nice blog you got, especially like your aspire mods! I purchased an E71 (US model) a week ago while in the States, and as I am from Europe I’m out of luck with 3G. Wanna do an exchange? :)

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