Unboxing the HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1

Well, look what UPS dragged in – it’s my HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1!

I made a video and snapped a bunch of pictures of the unboxing just for you :)

I also tried a few things:
– USB mass storage works as expected
– Bluetooth also works, but without usable profiles (when paired with my Mac)
– My AT&T SIM was rejected (the device is locked)
– My T-Mobile prepaid SIM was accepted (without data support, other than WiFi)
– Camera features auto-focus, macro, and a 2-stage shutter button

Anyway, you’ll excuse me now – I’ve got some syncing to do…


4 Responses to Unboxing the HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1

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  2. Start Wall says:

    cant wait to see this in person, will probably get one for my next phone unless a lot of bad reviews surface

  3. How nice of T-Mobile to lock this beauty! What are conditions to get unlocked? Are there any ROMs which you can use to re-flash the phone?

  4. Zec says:

    So, is it HTC, Dream, T-Mobile, Google, G1 or what ?
    I can’t decide on one name for this phone ;))
    I have a song for them

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