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Pictures taken with the Nokia E71

A few weeks ago I reviewed the Nokia E71. As I mentioned at the time, it produces disappointing pictures for a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus, macro and flash…

Overall picture quality is marginally better than the Nokia E66, which uses the same tiny noisy sensor. Low-light performance is still poor, and color balance is inconsistent.

Unfortunately, there’s no dedicated 2-stage shutter button for the camera. The middle button on the D-pad is also the shutter button, causing the camera to focus and then immediately take the picture.

To focus ahead of time or re-frame the shot after having already focused, the “T” key on the keyboard can be used as a focus button, but this is not ideal!

In the end, I really liked the E71 overall, but I can’t recommend the camera.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I didn’t know you had posted pics taken with the E71 so it’s nice to see. I need to take some outdoor pics and see how they compare. I agree that for a 3.2 MP camera, it’s quite disappointing. I was more disappointed with the 640×480 front loading camera of the N810 which was worse (if that’s even possible) than my Treo 650’s camera.

    I still have problems using the built-in qwerty keyboard so I think if I’m getting the E71 that I have to get a bluetooth keyboard. Been getting back to using my Treo 750 with infrared wireless keyboard and found that it’s quite workable for a lot of stuff when I’m out. I think I may start using that combo rather than lugging a laptop when I’m out.


  2. I’ve had the E71 for a week or two now, and definitely agree that the camera is lackluster. Having just come from an N95 (which just sold on eBay!), I never realized how spoiled I was. Granted, I rarely ever used the N95’s camera because I always carry my DSLR with me when I know I’m going to be taking photos, but it’s still nice to know you have a backup. That being said, the E71 is by far the greatest phone I’ve ever used. And to be entirely truthful, I actually really like the unintentional “vintage” look of outdoor photos taken with its camera.

  3. re Gary’s previous post.. dude, your stepping backwards! You had an N95 with an awesome camera that you never used. Given that you should have no issue with the E71. The camera used with the default settings indeed doesn’t always provide teh best images you may want.. actually, you’ll get a blueish purple haze on your photos but if you alter the settings slightly (a pain) the E71 can take some very nice photos. Forget about nightime flash photos with the E71 though… you’ll be very dissapointed.
    I have an E71 image gallery posted online at

    compares E71 to same images with 95 8GB

  4. Great pics, glenn! That’s great. Unfortunately, the N95 doesn’t have a keyboard which is definitely something I need in a phone. Thanks for the info, I guess if I get the E71 that I have to adjust the color a bit. That’s very helpful!

  5. I too reviewed this phone, and was disapointed with the camera. but, I’ve been using N-series not E-series. If you’re looking for a better camera, and better media abilities might I suggest the N82 for it’s camera.. but you will lose the US3G. So there’s the N95, 96 or the N85 at a lower price point…

  6. I couldn’t find another way to comment or email you so I am semi-spamming your comment box here – I am curious to know if the Aspire One will function with TV-Out with a VGA->SVIDEO connector. It is quite important for us over here.

    Appreciate your time. Feel free to delete my comment after emailing me if you get a chance.

    Thanks so much!

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