Unboxing the Nokia N96, US version

This is very exciting! Yesterday I received a Nokia N96, US version (aka. N96-3) from WOM World. For the next several days I’ll be putting it through its paces and using it for a secret project…

So far I’ve only managed to take some pictures and make a video of the unboxing. Then again, I’d already played with the N96 at the Nokia lounge.

I used the Motorola ZN5 (ZINE) to take most of the pictures :)

The N96 improves on the N95 8 GB with the addition of a DVB-H digital TV tuner with DVR functionality (useless in the US, unfortunately), 16 GB of built-in flash storage in addition to expandable micro-SDHC, and a dual ultra-bright LED flash. There’s still no camera lens cover, however.

The only surprise so far is that the Navi Wheel is disabled/missing on production models! Otherwise, I’m enjoying the device. Stay tuned for a full review…


4 Responses to Unboxing the Nokia N96, US version

  1. Chad says:

    Of course it wasn’t very heavy… You did put the battery in yet :)

    Also how is it called the US version if it does not include a ATSC Digital Tuner… That’s such a let down. I guess I am still waiting for Sling to come out with their iPhone client…

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  4. FNU YUDHI says:

    How much that phone ?


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