Nokia N97 for the win

Nokia N97

The Nokia N97 was unveiled today! It’s the first N-series device with both touch and QWERTY, in addition to the usual über-phone goodness (5 megapixel Zeiss camera with lens cover, tri-band HSPDA, WiFi, GPS)…

Yes, I’m smitten :)

More info:
Nokia press release
Nokia N97 – Nseries with touch and QWERTY
Nokia unveils flagship N97 phone
Nokia N97 Unveiled, The First High-End N-Series Touch Phone
Nokia N97: the ultimate Facebook device
Nokia announces the N97

I’m definitely getting this one.

Update: Videos after the break.


9 Responses to Nokia N97 for the win

  1. whatleydude says:

    You and me both (although I can’t believe you beat me in posting up thoughts)


  2. Thanks for sharing with us

  3. ChumleyEX says:

    That is one sexy phone. I currently use the att/htc Tilt and they look a lot alike, accept the nokia one just looks hawt.

  4. khandotazee says:

    n97 is comming to sweden in june but with a price tag of almost 900 US $, quite expencive, visit my blog for link

  5. crank says:

    can this use any qr code reader?
    like quickmark or?

  6. merci says:

    i really really really want this phone bad but theres no way i can afford it what with bieng a student still at school and whatever but i reaslly want it so does anyone know if there is a plan you could get it in or like a competition you can win it in.i really want it i mean badd!!!!:(

  7. subodh says:

    i want this phone its awsom

  8. Krishna says:

    i just love the set.All my frnds have.I wish if i could get this

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