Time lapse with the Nokia N96

This is a time lapse video I made with a Nokia N96. Watch as I drive from Farley’s to work – well almost :) The phone crashed 2 miles short of my destination – doh!

I used my Gorillapod to secure the N96 to my car‘s passenger seat and selected the 10 second sequence mode on the device. I then converted the JPEG images into an MPEG movie at 6 fps.


5 Responses to Time lapse with the Nokia N96

  1. Why is your dashboard constantly expanding/shrinking? :)

    Next time you should try it using a Canon 5D II… ehehe

  2. Al says:

    What software do you suggest for an XP user to do this?

  3. […] tnkgrl – Cool time-lapsed video created to N96 in auto 10-second sequence mode […]

  4. […] short, but it’s good. Tnkgrl’s journey to work, using the time-lapse camera feature on the N96, set to 10 second interval […]

  5. steve dembo says:

    Very neat! I assume that’s an N96 feature or do they make a way to do that on the N95 too?

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