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Unboxing the Nokia N85, US version

Look, I can has Nokia N85, US version! I’ve been patiently waiting to put my paws on this phone ever since I played with it in Helsinki

It’s going to be my long-term primary device – well, until the N97 becomes available, anyway :)

Behold the unboxing pictures and video.

So what’s so great about the N85?

Take the already fantastic N95-3, add a lens cover, make it tri-band 3G (2100/1900/850 MHz), add USB charging, replace the single LED flash with a dual ultra-bright LED unit, replace the LCD with an OLED screen, and make it a lot thinner. That’s the N85 – moar goodness than the flagship N96!

First impressions? It’s feeling solid, and it shipped with a 8 GB micro-SDHC card. Meow for now…

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  1. I love Nokia products but I personally can not stand phones without Qwerty input. I wish they would have more choices for Qwerty. On a side note how does one become a tester/early release recipient of new tech? I see people all over the web that get all this stuff early and I would love to do get things early and review them. I just have no clue on how to start. Start a website of course but then how do I get things to review? I do not have the money to go out and buy things all the time to review them.

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