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Unboxing the Sony VAIO P

The super sexy Sony VAIO P is here! This one is blood red, even… Can you handle it? Are you sure?

Well then, enjoy my unboxing pictures :) But please don’t make a mess, OK?

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  1. Now that is a “lifestyle” PC, the tiny base looks awesome (I miss two extra USBs thou)

    best regards!

    PS: I used your video-manual for the Aspire One some days ago, it’s great! my friend now ejoys a lot of RAM,

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  3. I got to fondle one at J&R yesterday. Yes, they are currently selling only the red one!

    1) Gorgeous. Size is surprisingly small. Weight is marvelous!

    2) Vista Home is sluggish as all hell. Unusable for me.

    3) Nub in center deforms key shapes too much. Keyboard otherwise OK for typing … but …

    4) Lip below spacebar separating mouse buttons is a PITA!! My thumb kept hitting *it* instead of Space. My thumb *ached* after just three test sentences.

    I didn’t check carefully, but I guess that lip is also used for top lid support when the unit is closed. At home, I was wondering if it could be Dremeled away!

    OTOH, it’s really a shame Sony went with Vista Home. Since they weren’t selling this under the “netbook” category and priced it like a high-end subnote, they were probably disqualified from a cheap XP license. It’d probably be great with XP, although given the way Sony does things, that would probably lose the camera — if not WiFi and Bluetooth too. I could live without their added-value Media features.

    Such a shame.

    I await the Asus 1000HE for fondling now.

  4. Looking at your photos, I see what the design failure is. The keyboard is recessed so the keys won’t press on the closed screen. That’s an error. They should have kept the keyboard flat and recessed the *screen*. *sigh*

  5. I prefer the eepc or the Aspire One. Vista is still bloatware or so I am told. Sony is still way too attached to controlling formats with proprietary formats and devices. It will be interesting to see how this device goes over with the tech geeks among us. My Aspire One is driving a 32 inch LCD/Tv as a monitor and doing a sweet job wireless key board and mouse set up removes the cramped keyboard problems. It’s ideal
    Running Garmin Mapsource with Spanner Emulation to a GPS 18 for Navigation while mobile.

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