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Unboxing the Nokia 5800, US version

Hot on the heels of the Nokia 5800, Euro/Asian version that I used for 3 months, here are the unboxing pictures and video of the Nokia 5800, US version!

The Euro/Asian review unit arrived in a generic box without manuals, so I wanted to share the retail box and manuals – not to mention the E75 cameo

And here’s more:
Google Maps on the Nokia 5800
Nokia 5800 in pictures
Pictures taken with the Nokia 5800
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  1. I previously had a G1, then bought a Memoir and turned around and sold it after 3 days.. just couldn’t take the email, home screen. Now I should be getting my 5800 this coming week. Can’t wait. Thanks for the pics on unboxing!

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