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CTIA: Nokia N97 demo

While I was busy drooling all over documenting the Nokia booth at CTIA, I was introduced to Julien Fourgeaud of Nokia, who was kind enough to let me play with an über sexy white Nokia N97.

The outcome: this exclusive 15-minute video demo and a lovely picture :)

The N97 is shaping up to be quite tasty :)

First of all, I really, really, really want the N97 in white – hopefully, Molly Schonthal (angel of all things Nokia) can hook me up when the time comes, please, please, please! It just looks so incredibly hot in white…

Compared to the 5800 XpressMusic, and beyond the hardware differences, the software on the N97 adds kinetic scrolling, two standby screens (one with widgets, like FaceBook and Bloomberg), and lots of other improvements highlighted in the video.

Despite the being resistive on the N97 (vs. capacitive on the Omnia HD), the touchscreen is extremely responsive. This, combined with the hardware keyboard, makes for a great user experience – I can’t wait to get my hands on the final product :)

Update: Matt’s video is up.

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  2. Did that guy that was with you uploaded his video somewhere? He seemed to have focused on recording the screen more when the menu was shown.

  3. Please focus on the phone and on its screen… not on the guy….. Very sad seeing such a video……:(

    • @NTP, why don’t you start a blog, grow it enough to get a press pass, go to CTIA, and do you own exclusive 15-minute video of the N97 if you don’t like mine?

      My blog is all about being mobile and using mobile devices – that’s why I use phones to record video and services like Qik, Vimeo, and YouTube to post them. I’m also from the DIY school of film making where you use what you have, travel light, and be spur of the moment.

  4. @ Neil

    That’s right, the white (the chic one) version will be available some time after the black version.

    About the video, I like it, I just think you have zoom-in a bit more when he shows the device’s screen. But it’s nice. ;-)

    Carlos Silva

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